On Writing and Romance

My Librarian asked to read my work, and so I printed her the first three chapters of TRC two weeks ago. She told me that while reading it the movie of it had been rolling in her mind. This was great to hear.

Anyway, I received two great reviews from readers of TRC. Val-Rae Christensen‘s comment really encouraged me with the ms of TRC, something I need in this endless process of revision. Also, I had a reader of mine who had faithfully followed my story from the very first day it was posted on May 4, 2007 send me a long message of encouragement.

What an awesome day…encouraging reviews make me so happy. So you can imagine what criticism (not constructive ones, but ones that bash your work to no end) do to me…That is why a writer needs a super strong backbone. I’m still growing mine.

Anyway, here are some of the photos my cousin took when we went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) for my birthday:

Well, look here, I can see Amanda Hollingworth
lounging on that chair to the right

I’m guessing this is a sitting room…


This appears to be a drawing-room. Ah, Lucas and Amanda spent
much of their time together in such a room…Can’t you just see him there,
in that armchair at the far right corner, with his legs stretched out,
his brows furrowed, as he scrutinizes Amanda, that strange, bewildering creature…



This is the sequel to ALL romance novels…
The story past the last chapter of a Great Romance…
The tale a New York Times Bestselling author of Harlequin Romances leave out…

All tall, dark and handsome heroes &
all fiery, head-strong heroines
will eventually look like this when they grow old

Look at this Mummy..I stared long at her/him, thinking to myself:
he/she too must have once been in love…

2 thoughts on “On Writing and Romance

  1. LOL
    june i swear you are sooo funny!
    You look at a mummy and say “she must have been in love”
    sorry it’s just too funny!


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