[Imagine a title for this entry, I’m too lazy to think one up]

TRC Update: I have a feeling it’s going to take a long while before I even start querying. Val and Flora are editing my work right now. Flora mainly focuses on the phraseology and grammar while Val is helping me out with Lucas’ character. My hero’s attachment towards the heroine is a bit inconsistent/confusing, especially chapter 9 (hint: ball room), so Val wants me to start from chapter 1 again and get Lucas’ character straight. She was so helpful as to write suggestions/notes for each chapter and right now I’m using that as a guideline as I revise the first 9 chapters before moving on. 

I’m also helping Val edit her work. I’m not sure if I’m much help though since hers is already so polished. I have to read a chapter thrice over before finding anything that should be changed. And this is just nit-picking, mainly unnecessary tags or the need for a bit more description. Period. I wonder how long it’ll take for TRC to reach this stage… I just get excited thinking of it!

About the weather. It is so beautiful! I can’t believe I have to go to work today…. I think I’ll make up for my depressing state by going to Starbucks and buying myself a tall caramel machiato (however you spell that) with a gingerbread cookie!

I really should get going now, it’s already 4…..

Another minute has passed….

Yes, I will go. Farewell!!!! Pray that I won’t make any mistakes today!!! Or…don’t worry, even if I do make mistakes, this experience will help me gain a deeper connection with Amanda (my heroine), as I told you I did in one of my previous entries.

2 thoughts on “[Imagine a title for this entry, I’m too lazy to think one up]

  1. Hi June! I understand what you mean. You’re lucky you’re in that stage now, yeah? I still have a long way to go with mine. *sigh*
    Anyway, good luck!


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