Heart be Still…

mv5bmtm0mtkxmtk5m15bml5banbnxkftztywntiwnzm3__v1__sx485_sy322_1 I was born two centuries too late…
The 19th century, where men wore cravats,
trousers, and top hats! I belong in this world, I tell you!


beau-brummell_201 James Purefoy……Just the mentioning of his name makes me sigh. If there’s one reason as to why I’d wish to quickly publish TRC and have it made into a movie is so Purefoy could be casted as Lucas. And this movie needs to be made soon before Purefoy turns old! I know my readers envisioned him as Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (But…Lucas doesn’t have blond hair…), Richard Armitage, Stephen Moyer (too short..sorry), Dominic Cooper, etc., but Purefoy is how I envision Lucas. Rugged and yet refined. *Sighhhhhhhh*

6 thoughts on “Heart be Still…

    • James Purefoy dye his hair, you mean, when he gets old? But what about his wrinkles?..I guess a thick layer of make-up would help….


  1. I think James Purefoy would do Lucas’ character justice. I mean this photo practically enmanates Candover: http://www.menshairstyles.net/d/1478-2/james-purefoy.jpg

    To be sure, I remember one of my favourites lines from you story was something about him smoldering (quickly accesses my review history on fictionpress):

    “when he does put on an effort to scowl, he looks quite evil, you know.”

    Ah, that line gets me everytime. Yes, well, James is quite the handsome-devil, his masculinity is suffocating (hehe), especially when he’s all dishevelled in this last picture you linked us too. Good choice.

    Love and magic,

    Dominic Cooper is GROSS (too boyish for Lucas).


    • LOL. Your comment had me cracking up!…calling Dominic Cooper gross, I mean. Man, I think I’d be miserable if they made him Lucas for the movie adaptation. Because he IS too boyish. I wonder if the author even has the right to veto a director’s choice?

      Anyway, I can’t believe you actually went through all your reviews to find that one!!! I’ll be sure to keep that quote in no matter what! And I’m SO glad that you can see Lucas as James Purefoy. Yay! He is gorgeous….. If Lucas is as gorgeous and as charismatic, then NO WONDER all the female population of London were tripping at the sight of him?

      P.S. You should start a blog too….!


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