My silly made up Biography of myself [Writer’s Craft]

June Lehmann (nee Hur) was born in South Korea on March 14, 1989. She lived in Korea for but two years before her family moved to the states then to Canada as her father pursued his studies in theology. From birth to grade eight she was known to have hated writing. So, how she ended up, by high school, with her passionate aspiration to become a writer is yet a mystery many researchers have yet to determine. But since high school, she began to vigorously pursue her dream to become an author

 After graduating from university, Lehmann left the country as NGO’s Sociologist to South Africa where she survived through floods, tropical forests and swamps. There, she met a journalist, John Lehmann, whom she later married. They both moved back to Canada where she began to write and soon  published her novel, The Lady Scorned. Her debute novel gained little attention and was criticized for being “historically incorrect” and “too sentimental.” After witnessing her novel being stacked away in the forgotten end of the stores, her husband claimed she had had a psychological breadkdown. She was sent to recover in the psychiatric hospital where she was kept for several years. After her breakdown, even the slightest criticism against her novel rendered her into a harmful behaviour.

Nevertheless, Lehmann continued to write while confined in the hospital. On the publication of her second novel, Far From Sanity, a feat made possible by the help of her husband, it instantly won international acclaim, selling more than 1 million copies, and being translated into several languages. Her following books were praised for its realistic portrayal of the human mind and emotions, and critics claimed her to be the most distinguished novelist of the century.

However, in the autumn of 2034, just after the release of her fifth and most notable romance book to date, The Runaway Courtesan, Lehmann escaped from the psychiatric hospital. All investigations failed to find her. She left behind a husband, family, and her dog named Lord Lucas Candover. Her disappearance remains one of the greatest mysteries unsolved to this day.

4 thoughts on “My silly made up Biography of myself [Writer’s Craft]

  1. Hey June,

    I found your blog through a comment you left (like 2 years ago) on mine and have been lurking through your archives until I found this post. When I was in high school, I composed my own ‘author bio’ too, the gist of which involves me as a writer/archeologist tapping out my novels on an old fashioned manual typewriter in a tent while on safari. Very Hemingway-esque. Anyway, I thought I was the only one who wrote a fantasy bio of my future writing career. Now I wish I knew you in real life. We have such freakishly identical interests (writing/publication, historical romances, PBS costume dramas).

    I’ve read your novel excerpts and there’s no doubt in my mind I’ll see you in bookstores soon!

    T.Y. @ The Lit Connection


    • Hey! It’s note often for me to come across someone even online who shares “freakishly idential” interests as me! So glad to make your aquaintance. I’m going to add you on my blogroll so I can catch up on your posts once school is over. And it almost is! I hope we’ll become better acquainted! And maybe if we publish at the same time we can go book signing together! haha


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