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Here is a documentary about Romantic Fiction. I found it very interesting (and it definately will be for those of you who write romance). It gives you an in-depth of the romance industry (the most “despised” genre) and you grow a certain respect for it. Now, as my friend said: “Never again will I be ashamed to have a Georgette Heyer on my bedside table!

Happily Ever After
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Interesting, eh?

6 thoughts on “Romance Genre

  1. I was interesting! You always find the most interesting videos. I like the fact that they actually found a guy to be in the video. And I deifnately understand the being called a “romance writer” thing.


  2. Whew, took me a while to watch the whole thing! Yes, I’ve been gradually watching these videos of a period about four days now (I’m a busy person), and finally I finished! 😀 Yey, well, it was interesting, as you said, and suddenly I feel the need to buy a romance fic! But dare I buy a M&B, that is questionable. I think my whole bookshelf is filled romantic subplots, if not the plot. Hmm, I might stray into the romance section next time I visit the bookshop..hehe.


    • I think books from the romance section of a bookshop are a bit disappointing (here, I agree with the journalist from the video. A lot of these books are trashy). They’re all so formulaic and stereotypical in characterization. This is, of course, why it sells so well (people love cliches. People love the formula romance novels go by), but it’s not something that leaves something with you when you’re finished. I think all the good romances are books that…aren’t branded as “romance” novels. Like, for example, Jane Eyre would be called a “love story” rather than a “romance.” I haven’t read it, but books like “Thorn in my heart” would probably be considered a “love story” rather than a “romance.” I learned, through this one forum, that there is a difference between them–for readers.


      • I mean I like a good cliche as much as the next person, but formulaic “romances” bother me. And then there is the “trashy” aspect. It makes it seem like in order to be a romance novel there is a minimum requirement of 3 sex scenes. Personally, I’m going to avoid sex scenes in WW. Maybe it’ll happen for them, but it’ll end at the bedroom door, no descriptions.

        By the way, you mentioned “love-story” it reminded me of Taylor Swifts song Love Story. I love the video!


  3. Love story by Taylor Swift. I watched this video and she immediately won my respect. I can’t believe it took THIS long for someone to make a MV set in the Regency era!!!!! My gosh. While watching it I thought my heart was going to explode. I loved the costumes in there!!!

    Anyway, I agree with you. In Harlequin novels, 3 sex scenes seems to be what’s expected. 3 or more. There are all these tropes romance writers are told to follow if they want to sell well. But I say…let’s become the genre-benders!


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