Is it ridiculous to google yourself? Then how much more ridiculous is it to google your own book? I typed “The Runaway Courtesan” in the search engine, expecting nothing more than the links to my blog, FP account and Authonomy account, but I actually found myself mentioned in two forums (one about plagiarism, as mine had once been plagiarized, and another in reference to FP writers branching out to Authonomy). But here is my favorite:

From JUSTONEWISH‘s blog.


2 thoughts on “Googled

  1. Lol, I don’t think it’s ridiculous because I do it too. But, then maybe we’re both ridiculous?

    But, when I google Willful Wisdom I get my wordpress blog. When I googled TRC I got your YouTube vid (which I’m still in love with), your FP account and your wordpress account lol. You’re everywhere!! 🙂


    • YouTube video is what makes me seem like I’m everywhere, when really it’s just many sites similar to YouTube that link directly my video along with every other vid that’s uploaded onto YouTube.


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