The Road (Movie)


big0307387895When I read Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” (winner of the Pulitzer Prize) I fell in love with it. His writing inspired me. It left me in tears at the end of the book. And usually I’m not into this whole Science Fiction genre–come on, I’m a Regency/Victorian era freak–but “The Road” is one of those rare books that I would read again and again. It moved my heart so much….

…..and I was sooo looking forward to this movie. But the trailer makes it look like some action movie when, really, this story is a character driven drama about a father and son’s journey through an acropolytic world. I hope the movie doesn’t end up being as trashy as the trailer makes it seem!

2 thoughts on “The Road (Movie)

  1. Wow. I’ve heard of the book before, but never really pai any attention to it. Perhaps I should read it, the movie looks awesome! Oh, you should definitely look up the new Sherlock Holmes movie trailer – it’s so COOL!



    • Sherlock Holmes movie trailer …OMG I was waiting to see it for months after I saw a photo of it.

      The book is a must read. It’s very poetic and beautiful. His writing makes you reread a line a few times over just so you can decipher the poignant meaning behind each word. A really, really memorable read it’ll be for you. Hopefully! Everyone’s taste for literature differs after all.


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