Regency era: The Naughty Bits

I was reading the biography Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, when I came across a wager actually made between men in the late 18th century:

‘Ld Cholmondeley has given two guineas to Ld Derby, to receive 500 Gs. whenever his lordship fucks a woman in a Balloon one thousand yards from Earth.’


I cracked up reading this. I never thought gentlemen, no matter how crude they were, would actually use the ‘F’ word. I didn’t even think it was used in this way–and how ever was I to know? it’s not as if Jane Austen ever mentioned it in her book (even the word ‘damn’ was a big no no for her time).

But geez, reading this wager alone tells me that the state of decadence was as bad then as it is now.

Men will always be men.

8 thoughts on “Regency era: The Naughty Bits

  1. Lol, it was a big no no for her time, but that didn’t mean people didn’t say it. They were VERY crude.

    Google Lady Chatterly’s Lover by DH Lawrence 🙂


    • Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Ah, what a scandalous book it must have been then. I remember watching a movie adaptation of it and…oh my…no wonder it was rated R.


      • lol the sad part was based on a true story. I think it was the first published book to use the “f-word”


      • On a true story?! omg…never knew! now i’m going to go search for the f-word in that book. I can’t imagine in what context he used it in…And based on the time period it was written in, I can’t imagine how crude it could have been, probably not so bad compared to now


      • yeah, lol. I think it was based on his mom’s life. Actually, very very crude and it’s definately as bad as now. But, you’ll see ^_^


  2. Wow. What a wager. I guess I have to give the men some credit for imagination! Although, I’m just curious as to how one would judge the 1000 yards accurately. Would it not count if it was only 999.5? I’m afraid these are questions I’ll never have answered.


    • Haha, good point! Those gentlemen were indeed very picky. They could have just “compromise” the lady when the balloon was high enough for the public not to catch a glimpse of their activity…haha


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