Regency Era: The Naughty Bits (#2)

Here’s a fascinating article about trousers in the Regency Era written by M.M.Bennetts. Seriously, for those of you who write Regency romances, this is a must read. It’ll crack you up:

Inexpressibles, what were they, you ask?  Very very tight, usually knitted of silk, trousers–almost like today’s women’s leggings, designed to show off a gentleman’s muscular legs to best advantage.  They were also known as bum-clingers and the term inexpressibles said it all–for what respectable woman could express that?… Read the full article here.

7 thoughts on “Regency Era: The Naughty Bits (#2)

  1. OMG! That was terribly naughty, and well…just fun! Greek gods…Inside leg measurements…No wonder Jane Austen’s characters went through such hardships in love. “Oh, my dear, Mr. Darcy!” I’m so sorry…gives new meaning to several scenes out of Pride and Prejudice.


  2. LOL after reading this message, I too, when rereading P&P, will read it in a different light. Oh my Mr. Darcy indeed! Whew. But in the 1995 adaptation, Collin Firth didn’t wear such tight trousers. I gues men in today’s era would find it a bit embarrassing to wear something so tight? I’m imagining men who do ballet…if that’s how tight it was…I don’t know…it’s not that attractive when I watch them prancing about on stage


  3. Ah, but the male dancers are padded to the max just in case a ballerina makes an injudicious leap and catches them in the, er, inexpressibles. I’ve known some of these dancers, and this is indeed the case. Others, however, are just showing off their attributes.


    • Oh really? Their stockings, leggings, or whatever they’re called, looks so skin-tight it’s a wonder how they fit any sort of paddings in there.


      • Their crotch areas look HUGE — sort of like a cod piece, and those were a method for plain old bragging (my “hummms” bigger than your “hummm”)– and I’ve heard dancers joke about all the stuffing they put in there. I have to admit my experience with dance is dated. Maybe they’re being a bit more discreet now days?


      • HAHAHAHA goodness, I thought it was the real stuff. Whenever those male dancers pranced about on stage, me and my sister would always look away. Their “hummms” were a bit too…you know…for us to watch in comfort.


      • Do you by chance have a blog or something? I clicked on your name and it led me nowhere. I’m always interested in reading the blogs of other writers.


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