Camille (1936)

“Marguerite is a courtesan in Paris. She falls deeply in love with a young man of promise, Armand Duval. When Armand’s father begs her not to ruin his hope of a career and position by marrying Armand, she acquiesces and leaves her lover. However, when poverty and terminal illness overwhelm her, Marguerite discovers that Armand has not lost his love for her.”

Has anyone seen this movie? What did you think of it. I’m going to go watch it online in half an hour after I get my school work done. I’m super excited! I love black & white movies. And I get a feeling this story will inspire me in many ways as TRC is also about a “lady of the night” 

Update: I’m crying right now. Camille was one of the best love stories I’ve watched in a long time–and it’s a black and white movie!! I never had high expectations for movies as old as this, but this one totally blew me away. I was somewhat surprised to see how this movie had some similarities plot-wise with TRC (it’s probably because I was partly influenced by the movie Moulin Rouge which was inspired by Camille), but this is besides the point. Goodness, I was in tears several times throughout this movie, and I rarely cry in romance movies. Yes, black&white movies can be a tad corny, and there were some very corny lines and scenes in this movie (the man seizing her wrist and pulling her into his fierce embrace to give her a smothering kiss), but despite it all, this movie succeeds in well illustrating the love between Marguerite and Armand and capturing the dream all females have–that someday they will meet a dashing man who will love her for who she is–that his love will stand the test of time–that he will remain faithful against all the odds.

For those of you who’ve seen this movie, what do you think? Did you love the movie as much as I did? If not, why?

6 thoughts on “Camille (1936)

  1. I only watched the movie–so depressing! lol. The guy was so good looking hehe. But give this play a read (it is a play, right?) during the summer.


    • Yes! Finally, someone who watched it! Yes, it was so so so so so sad. I cried! But when I tried watching it again with my sister, she made everything seem so corny. But really, when watching a black & white movie, one needs to know what to readjust expectation levels because the acting style of the 30s was so different to now. But yah, my sister is somewhat right, it was very corny–but so romantic…hehehe


      • Lol, yeah. When it first started I wasn’t expecting much, but then I was like WOW.

        It does have a level or cornyness, but I think that’s because of NOW. I don’t think it would’ve been corny at the time it was filmed. But,I think the touch of cornyness made it better…and I don’t think cornyness is a word, but I’ve used it a couple of times. o.O


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