Miss Bluestocking’s Confession

My Dearest most dear ever adored friend without whom I cannot live, 

I am most vexed. In spite of myself, I always end up sleeping at one, two or three in the morning, even though I know well that I won’t be able to wake up (without taking heroic efforts) to go to school. And you wonder what I must have been doing till the early hours of the morning? I wish I could say that I had been studying and fighting against my urges to sleep for the sake of academic success–But no, I confess to you my drst friend that I had been staring for hours at Microsoft Word, typing a sentence then backspacing each letter until I returned back to a blank page of the chapter I was supposed to rewrite and send over to my patroness[editor] a week ago. This isn’t the most productive way to spend one’s time. I do know that, but I still remain before my laptop, truly believing that to sleep means to forgo that moment when I might be struck by an inspiration. But of course, no ‘AH-HAH’ moments transpired in my groggly mind. I never do learn my lesson. This ridiculousness I repeat the next evening, staring at Microsoft word, the glow of its blank whiteness illuminating my countenance, while my mind is filled with muslin, bonnets, trousers [yes, trousers! yum], cravats and characters nodding away to sleep. Whatever am I to do with myself? I have skipped class and it pricks at my conscience. I had once been a good student who considered it sacrilegiousto skip. Oh, those good old days! I shall try to be more disciplined the next time and force myself to sleep. I promise you!–no, I mustn’t promise, but I will try my best! 

Your most obedient and humble servant,
Miss Bluestocking

16 thoughts on “Miss Bluestocking’s Confession

  1. Don’t be soo hard on yourself.
    Half of us do the same, when we shouldn’t be.
    I should be solving 12 case studies by Monday.
    Not happening.


    • I guess staring at Microsoft Word when we should be sleeping/studying is a universal problem when it comes to writers, haha. Yes, I mustn’t be too harsh on myself–but I really do need the sleep I’m missing out on!


  2. Your headers are always so pretty!

    I can really relate to you. Writing is keeping me from staying focused. It’s my last week of school and I can’t even get my homework done, because I spend hours and hours typing away on my computer.

    And I thought I was the only one who dreamed of muslin dresses and such! The way they dressed back then was so simple but yet elegant. But I think that my dream was the result of me falling asleep watching The Duchess.


    • hehe thanks for the compliment.

      YES, I know, writing is keeping me away from focusing on my studies! I really do need to set my priorities straight–and yet, though I know this, I won’t do this. Writing beats all.

      Ah..The Duchess…such a heart-breaking movie.


    • Haha. It’s alright.
      We the people love fashion and writing.
      School is well,
      not a priority?
      Boo. I NEED to study.
      I am Ruku, btw.
      What’s your name? ^^


    • I’m not that into poetry–it leaves a lot to the reader’s own interpretation. And I’m not good at reading betweeen the lines. I’m a lover of prose.

      I’m currently living in Toronto right now.(But I wish I was residing in ENGLAND–it’s the country I’ve been writing of for years) And you?


  3. ..I can’t believe I totally missed this post. But, like you’ve been told 🙂 don’t be too hard on yourself. Lol, yeah I do think it’s a universal writing thing. I can’t sleep until 4am now, and i try to write..but nothing’s really coming out o.O


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