The young maiden ran out into the storm….

….with rain pelting against her face, soaking through her muslin dress, when she caught sight of a man mounted on a black charger, his greatcoat billowing behind him as he rode towards her…..

And such is the scene that transpires through my mind as I listen to the rain pattering against the windowpane and as I watch the lightning flash across the night sky, illuminating my room for a second with its ghostly white shadow.

On another note, tomorrow, if I have time, I’ll write my review for Georgianna, Duchess of Devonshire by Foreman, which, I’ll tell you now, was one of the best biographies (and also one of the most memorable of books) I have ever read in my entire life. I can’t wait to rave about it tomorrow! This book has inspired me in so many ways and…and…and….OHHH I’ll be patient. I need my sleep. I wrote in my blog a few days ago that I would sleep earlier. But no, wait, let me just go over chapter 23 of TRC just once before I put my eyes to rest!

8 thoughts on “The young maiden ran out into the storm….

  1. I’ll be eagerly awaiting your review. I’m looking for good books to read over the summer. =)

    (I stumbled across your blog as I was on FictionPress procrastinating on my history finals. Hi!)

    -Stephanie (formerly ohthevoices on FP)


    • Well, if you’re into 18th century history of England, and if your into biographies, I’d definately recommend the book I mentioned in this post!
      I’m going to add you to my blogroll (that way I track the progress of your work better hehe). And I can’t wait to read your work. It’s on my priority list right after I finish my essay. Your story and Mademoiselle Butterfly (it was through your review on this fic that I found you actually).


  2. Ooh that sent chills down my spine. It makes me wonder who she was running from?

    And, please, get some rest. I’ve tried writing when I was tired and it really isn’t pretty. If you’re well rested, you can write as long as you want later.

    On another note, books are so amazing!


    • Post that short thing up on FP? hahaha I think it’ll be the shortest thing ever! I’ll consider it. Maybe i’ll make it longer into a one shot. But..i don’t know how to write one shots. But I’ll make it my next project (after I finish my exam) to work on, and I’ll dedicate the piece specially to you. Any suggestions on how to write one shots?


  3. I can never write one-shots without feeling like I need to write more.

    And if you post that on FP, maybe you’ll bring back the regency-victorian era stories. Speaking of FP, is there some sort of glitch going around. Every time I try to add a comment or something it says Forbidden. Have you been experiencing that same problem?


    • Always! You have to keep refreshing before it works. But if it doesn’t still…no idea!

      Ah, I really wish the Regency/Victorian era stories would be revived on FP. It’s dead right now!


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