What is the best day an AUTHOR could EVER have?


Seeing your book for the very first time in bookstores. For Mandy Hubbard, her day “started at 8:30,” with her “looking up all the B&N’s in the area and squealing…when [she] discovered the inventory status had changed to “In stock” at nearly all of them.” She visited these bookstores and here’s a few pictures she took *

* I have been given permission by the author to steal these pics off from her site.

I spy with my little eye, something that looks like this:



My question: How did the bookstore people (managers?) react when you went to them and said you were the author of Prada and Prejudice?

Mandy’s Answer: It varied! One girl was decidely unimpressed (and in fact, acted as if I’d inconvenienced her becuase she hadn’t yet unpacked the 5 copies of my book from the storage room…) and on the other hand, a couple of people immediately called managers who were SUPER nice and excited and they would sticker the books with “autographed copy” stickers and put them on tables or face-out displays. It was amazing to see the difference from one Barnes & Noble to the next! 


Read more about Mandy Hubbard’s adventure here.

You can find this book, published by a major publisher in NYC, at your local bookstore. Or if not (like in my case, Prada and Prejudice won’t be released until June 16. Disappointing, I know) just be patient or order it off Amazon.

6 thoughts on “What is the best day an AUTHOR could EVER have?

  1. That’s so cool!

    If I were in her position, I would’ve fainted upon seeing my book in the store. But I’m so happy for her!

    Awe, and you have to wait till June 16th? It’s ironic, but over here, it came out on Thursday and I couldn’t find it at the bookstore! So, I’m just going to buy it off of Amazon.


    • I’m happy for her too, more so that she’s a member of Fictionpress! I’m guessing (I could be wrong as I haven’t heard from any other authors yet) that she’s the first author from FP to get traditionally published. I do know of others who self-published their work.

      Yes, I do think getting it off Amazon might be quicker. But still…I want to actually go into a bookstore, take a picture of it on the shelves, then by it myself hehehe


      • I’m heading to BN today!!! I cant go now because it’s raining, but i will soon!!!! 🙂

        And, yeah as far as I’ve heard, she’s the first to get traditionally published, although i THINK there have been others


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