Please don’t shoot this crazy writer

My struggle expressed in this entry has come to a tragic end (for now). How? It’s all summed up in this email I sent to my editor:

“So sorry for bugging you again! I am not so close to figuring out an alternative plot, it seems. And the more I try to figure it out, the more I realize that I’m just not into the story right now. I feel so detached. I don’t feel what my characters are feelings–and I can’t write if I don’t feel this. So, at worst case, I’m going to take a break and work on the previous twenty-something chapters you edited for me. And perhaps, while I do this, I’ll get the flow of the story better. Because I’ve been working chapter by chapter I don’t have steady storyline of what’s going on in my mind. It’s like I’ve been watching a few minutes of a movie, taking a weeklong break from it, then returning to watch the next few minutes, only to take another weeklong break. So yah, if I’m not struck by lightning inspiration, I’m going to focus on the first half of the story instead. Then, maybe next month, if I’m done editing by then, I’ll work on the last eight-ish chapter. The last chapters are really important, I know, as it is what determines what sort of impression the book will leave the readers with. So I don’t want to rush this (as I most definitely have been trying to do, and evidence of that can be found in the emails I’ve flooded your account with). Alright. I feel a bit better now. For now I’m going to focus on revising the chapters of TRC you edited, the issues in the first half of TRC Jenny pointed out, living, breathing, eating and reading M&B *

Author’s Note: *M&B is the abbreviation for Moth and Butterflies which my editor, Val-rae Christensen, wrote. It’s a literary masterpiece I tell you. I admire her so much, because she’s polished this manuscript of hers to the point that it now sparkles, but she always ends up finding something to fix. Well, I guess until it’s published, there will always be room for improvement. Anyway, Val is the next Dickens.

6 thoughts on “Please don’t shoot this crazy writer

  1. Ahh deadlines are so false, aren’t they? Just tell the publishers that Goethe took 60 years to write Faust, and they can deal with another year for your finished product. haha. Plot holes perhaps cannot be forced. Ideas strike you out of nowhere. Kinda sucks that there’s not yet a creativity pill (besides coffee).


    • My work hasn’t been contracted by a publisher yet or even an agent (in the state my story is in, I won’t be searching for one until the end of this year, at the very earliest). I’ve been working on this MS for two years now, so for those who say it’s taking too long, I’ll be sure to mention Goethe’s Faust. 60 years…that’s just crazy though…and I thought Flaubert had taken super long when I read it took him five yrs to write Madam Bovary


  2. you’re always your worst critic though. like, when you finish *hint hint* and I read and like 🙂 you might still think parts could be better or taken out


    • If you read the latter half of my book, you’d be like: Ummmm….it’s good…i guess….but it can improve.

      But I agree with you. What readers read and say is good might not be good to the writer


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