Writing. You have bewitched me, body and soul…

As much as I love to write, writing takes so much out of me. I’ve returned back to the last eight chapters of TRC, as I figured out an alternative plotline for it, only to find myself emotionally exhausted. Why? Like other writers I’m sure, when I write, I need to feel what my characters are feeling. Because I never experienced the public ostracism my heroine endured, I had to mentally put myself through it, imagining the shame she must have felt as best as I could, as if I had suffered it in her stead. Now, after writing about all the misery Amanda went through, I feel so low spirited. And NOW I need to work on a chapter that is relatively light hearted. It’s set in the idyllic country side (Cornwall, to be exact–such a romantic place). But I find myself unable to stimulate my imagination enough to write about this scene. My heart is so heavy that I feel unable to write this comedic episode that’s meant to make readers feel giddy. Instead, in the state I’m in right now, I’ll either bore them or depress them to tears. Maybe, when I visit the beach this summer, it’ll help me out a bit. Or maybe I should just skip this chapter for now and move onto the next… This is very unprofessional, but: GAHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH ARGGGGGGGGGG.

12 thoughts on “Writing. You have bewitched me, body and soul…

  1. Hehe, all of this will pay off in the long run. You’ll look back at these days and laugh at them.
    Ooh I wish I had Pride and Prejudice, I really want to watch that movie now. That line was so romantic…


    • I will probably laugh my head off haha. Good thing I’m writing down all these struggles I’m going through.

      Ah, yes, a very romantic line indeed. I’m guessing you prefer the 2005 version to the 1995 BBC adaptation? Though the newer one is more romantic, the latter version, I find, is truer to the book. hehe


    • Hopefully I’ll go nuts over a guy one day. I need to fall in love with someone other than my own characters. And if I fall in love, I bet I’ll write better….


  2. Oh my, poor June! I know what will cheer you up (although I’m not sure if you’ve seen it already)..watch the “new” Sense and Sensability (2008). It goes for three hours but it was such a delight! 😀 Brandon and Edward are such spunks, it’s quite dizzying actually for all my swooning!


    • I’ve actually watched a bit of it a while back but forgot all about it! Thanks for the reminder. Watching costume dramas always inspire me to write hahah. Brandon…he’s the Colonel right? I think he looks better in this version than the actor in the older movie.


      • Yah, I saw on your blog hehe. I don’t know he’s just a bit too old. I guess I’m used to watching period movies where the heroes are young.

        Check out the new one! Then we can do a comparison between the two actors.


      • Yes, Brandon is the Colonel. I reckon the newer Brandon looks like a younger Liam Neeson. He’s much more appealing than Alan Rickman’s Colonel, I think.


      • Liam Neeson is awsome by the way haha.

        The newer Brandon is better looking, but I guess the older Brandon is the better actor.


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