Garbage Strike

There’s a garbage strike going on here in Toronto. But we Torontonians just don’t like littering (I’d like to think). So these people were just so determined not to pollute the environment that they took the heroic effort of tugging loose the thick, sticky, strong tape to put their garbage anywhere but on the ground. Here’s some of the garbage cans (well, they’re not cans, but I don’t know what else to call ’em) I came across while venturing the streets downtown.

transformers 2 088

transformers 2 090

Not very funny? Well, my sister and I were cracking up when we saw these and attracted a fair amount of attention.

And speaking of garbage….. This is just something I wrote on facebook, and thought to repost my comment here, because it’s TRUE:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle–this is what a lazy writer does, pillaging through her older works to find passages she might use for her current project (….is it just me who does this?!)

6 thoughts on “Garbage Strike

  1. Wow! It’s amazing how creative people can be when it becomes necessary.

    And to answer your last question–I definitely try to pull out scenes from older drafts. That’s why I never delete anything!


    • I know, eh? haha. It’s been going on for a bit. Now the apartments have piles of garbage bags because the workers aren’t coming to pick it up. Yuck.


  2. it’s called intertextuality.
    it’s what every writer does.
    there really isn’t anything “new”.
    just tweaked.
    they even borrow from others by referring, alluding, and even mimicking.
    you’ll have fun trying to figure out what’s from what when going through your english lit degree. 🙂 i know i did.


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