North & South (BBC 2004)

41BPKP688QL__SL500_AA240_“Elizabeth Gaskell’s classic explores the simmering, restrained passion between two very different people who fall in love in spite of themselves.”

I consider North and South to be the darker and more romantic version of Pride and Prejudice.

This series truly is the epitome of a perfect love story. It has a well-balanced love and hate relationship, the chemistry between the two protagonists is amazing, the conflict that threatens to tear them apart is absolutely heart-wrenching, the ending will set your hearta-flutter, and the dialogues are superb.

Let me put more emphasis on DIALOGUES–I purposely watched with subtitles because the script was so well written that I didn’t want to miss a single word. And the character development was beautiful.

Oh! I can just keep adding praises!

This series is one that ALL fans of period dramas and of love stories must watch!

I’m really not someone who will watch a film (let alone a 4-part series) even twice, so the fact that I watched North and South four times and still react in this fan crazy way should express enough how great it is.

One more thing. Now you may stare at his handsome visage for a moment or two before leaving my blog. He has the best scowl ever. And I think he’s the most gorgeous actor next to James Purefoy.


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34 thoughts on “North & South (BBC 2004)

  1. Richard Armitage IS gorgeous! After seeing your trailer (which was well done, by the way) I think I might just skip reading the book, though that goes against everything that I know, and see the movie.


    • I cannot believe you didn’t watch it!!! It is so amazing. The book, though, was sadly disappointing…But that’s just me. You might differ in opinion after reading it yourself. But this series is a must see. Oh my. You heart will explode


  2. Well, I’d stare at him for hours but … too risky! I might totally forget all the rest!
    I too wrote about North and South and Richard Armitage in my blog! If you want to have a look, you’ll be welcome! MG
    P.S. Lovely blog!


  3. Richard Armitage has a look that should (and is) be illeagal because it is soooo dangerous, i could look at him for ever… he is sexy in Robin Hood cos he wears a tight black leather suit!. I LOVE RICHARD!!


    • HAHA. Yes, he should be illegal. I haven’t seen him in Robin Hood though. I DIDNT because he’s the bad guy and doesn’t get Marianne. It would break my heart to watch this……..


  4. This movie is my new favorite romance film! I had to watch it 2-3 times over the very next 2 days after I first saw it. I wanted to hear every word between them again and see every single facial expression by Mr. Thornton! The chemistry between them was so amazing, it made my insides melt. The ending…I had to see it enough times to virtually memorize it. What a great production.


    • I know exactly what you mean! I just couldn’t get enough of N&S. The second time I watched it I used subtitles so I could read everything they say along with hearing them speak it. Didn’t want to miss a word. It is soooooo amazingly good, eh? It’s one of the few series that I believe bring out a romantic relationship that isn’t rushed but developed throughout the movie. But whew, some of those scenes were so intense I’d have to press my hand over my heart to keep it from jumping out.


  5. N&S is great, I’ve bought it when I saw the bbc trailer and rewatch it since with the same exquisite pleasure. I forced myself however to read the book first. I have to say I equally love both… the quality of the book and story goes beyond the love story! I’m a big fan of Sandy Welch’s work, she translates classics into 21st century imaging and emotion (as in her jane eyre). Maybe it’s because I’m not british that I’m so captured by the background. In the end we all fell in love with Mr Thornton and true, R. Armitage made it so easy! PS your trailer may be corny indeed, it made me feel good anyway, good job.


    • Sandy Welch. Never heard of her but you’ve got me interested! I heard of authors rendering Pride and Prejudice and other Austen works into 21st century rewrites. But never works like Jane Eyre! And I love Jane Eyre! Thank you so much. I can’t wait to read it now!

      And I agree with you. I am also capture by the background of period films. And the costumes as well!


  6. You said that you watched North and South with English subtitles. How did you get a version of the DVD that had English subtitles? I am hard-of-hearing, and the North and South DVD that Netflix mails out does not have closed captioning nor English subtitles. 😡


    • Hmmmm Well, I borrowed the DVD from my library. And the subtitles didn’t come out automatically. So I had to go to the menu and adjust it and stuff.

      Aww that sucks about Netflix! I do know that you can download the subtitles somewhere….gaah, I don’t know. Sorry. But I’m pretty sure that ALL DVD versions of North and South have subtitles included


  7. Oh, I like the book more than the series, although this is my favourite period drama ever! And I have not watched it this year yet! Oh man, university needs to give me a break so I can watch it again!


  8. So, I’ve finally come to your blog because I wanted to check on the progress of TRC. I think the last time I wrote anything to you was on Authonomy AAAAGGGEESS ago.

    Is it strange to say that I also feel like I’m growing up with TRC? I read it so long ago and with a teen mindset. I really can’t wait for the new and improved published version of your story. I’ll probably buy three copies. One to keep nice and new on the shelf and one to be read so many times it become tatters and another to be the backup for when the first reading copy falls apart =).

    ***SPOILER ALERT*** for other people

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED North and South the book and read it a while ago, but was BLOWN AWAY when I watched the series. The actors fit the roles PERFECTLY and their emotion came across so well. The intro and outro voice overs really nailed it for me as well.
    “I think God has forsaken this place. I believe I’ve seen hell. It’s white. It’s snow white.” The camera work was just spot on with the crane shots and I LOVED the scenes in the mill with the fluff floating.

    Richard Armitage’s acting. The EMOTION, the LOVE.
    “You’re ill?”
    *desperately* “I don’t want to possess you. I wish to marry you because I LOVE YOU!”
    “Look back. Look back at me.”
    I think the best one was *dejectedly* “So you are going. And never come back?”

    I’m rambling. LOL. I’ve watched it SO MANY times as well and everytime I go fangirl crazy *SQQQUUUUEEEEEEEE** XD

    I agree with another post somewhere else that Sense and Sensibility (2008) was RUBBISH!! I was sooo disappointed! I also disliked Persuasion (2007) was even worse. I disliked that they kept breaking the 4th wall. I liked Emma (2009) but nowhere near on the level I LOVED North and South.

    I hope to be on your blog more often but can’t promise anything because I’m bad about keeping up with blogs. I’ll definitely check back every now and then though to check for TRC updates.

    Keep on keepin on. =)


    • Although, I did really love the book because it went a bit deeper with each of the characters.

      Sometimes I think I loved the book more but overall I think I loved the series more.


    • OH HEY!! I forgot that you were the one who put me onto North and South. I had to watch it after I saw your TRC trailer!! =))

      So thank you for not only writing an AWESOME story, but for making a trailer for it. Although, in my imagination Richard Armitage doesn’t fit Lucas.


      • Btw, I can’t imagine Lucas as Armitage either :/ I did once when I was Armitage fan crazy. But the *real* Lucas, I believe, wouldn’t look as….brooding? Er, actually, I don’t know how to picture Lucas. I see Amanda better in my mind than him.


    • “Is it strange to say that I also feel like I’m growing up with TRC?”

      AWWWWWWWWWWWW! That line made me smile from eye to eye. I’m growing with the story as well, which is why I’m constantly wanting to revise it.

      You actually mentioned ALL my favorite lines.
      “Look back. Look back at me.”
      This is like….”THE” line. It’s such a classic.

      And comparing this series to many other adaptations…yah, S&S..Emma…doesn’t even measure up.


  9. This is by far my favourite adaptation!

    I love P&P, but this… just loved it!
    I begun watching it and just couldn’t stop. It’s glues us from beginning ’till the end. The plot is perfect and the story magnificent.

    I didn’t like John Thornton much in the beginning, but through the series my admiration grew for him, and also for the actor (Richard Armitage). I mean, didn’t you melt with the love declaration, the “Look back at me” scene and the final scene? OMG, moments like that don’t happen often on TV…


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  11. Feeling in a period drama-ry mood and noticing that Mr Armitage was in it, I started watching this last night and at two o clock in the morning was still glued to the screen. The most utterly incredible period drama I’ve ever seen – so gripping, grim and utterly gorgeous. (The latter also applying to Richard Armitage xD ) I’m going to have to read the book! This is amazing! I’ve bought the DVD and now I’m going to force my entire family to watch it. 😀

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  12. completely agree and have fallen in love with this movie. My appreciation for Mr. Armitage is incredible now. He is just an amazing actor and pulled of the character so beautifully.

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  13. I’m a late comer.I bumped into the series on netflix and oh, my god I watched 4 times a ready. Each time my heart … poor my heart melting into gooey. Agree with a review… RA is illegal 😉
    The book is great but I LOVE the series. I’ll watch again with english subtitles as like you, I don’t want to miss any single word.
    My husband would divorce me for completely feeling head over heels for N&S and of course Mr Thornton/RA. Well, what can I do!


    • I never, ever stop getting excited to meet new North&South fans!

      Seriously, N&S is the rare case where I loved the series more than the books. Not that the book wasn’t stunning, but it was rather different. Didn’t have the same smoldering Thornton. And Thornton never says, “Look back at me,” in the book harhar.

      Thanks for dropping by!


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