The Desk of a Writer

A fellow writer, Emerian Rich (who is also popular for her ‘Night’s Knights Vampire’ Podnovel), sent me a link to her post titled “The Desk of a writer,” which is basically an outline of what’s on her desk. So I decided make my own post based on this concept. So here it is:



1. My document of “The Runaway Courtesan” is always opened.

2. A list of music (comprised mainly of classical and soundtrack music). I usually put on music that accords with the scene I’m working on. It helps me imagine what I’m writing better. In other words, before I write anything, I need to be able to see the story vividly in my mind, and music helps bring this about. 

3. An envelope which I found on the subway. I picked it up and began writing notes and thoughts onto it to later incorporate into my story.

4. It’s my notebook where I brainstorm in. Since I started TRC I used up two notebooks and this is my third one. Also, when I’m having a writer’s block, I tend to write out the entire chapter by hand, in the notebook. 

5. Three of my Regency era reference books. My favorite is “The Regency Companion” by Laudermilk Hamlin. I have more out on the bookshelf in my living room. But these three are the ones I use most often.

6. More scrap papers. But they’re mainly important notes of mine for TRC’s plot and character outline.

7. A pack of gum. I concentrate best while I’m chewing something.

8. Post-its of things I need to do that day. For example: “Return library book. Go to the bank. Eat lunch. Clean room.” If I don’t have my “to do” list, I get confused, and just spend the rest of my day writing.

9. USB stick. I upload my TRC documents onto this USB every so often. I don’t trust computers: they might shut down or break down anytime, so I don’t want to risk the chance of losing my writing.

10. There is no ten. But there was supposed to be a teacup there. I usually always have a cup of tea, hot water, or cold water, next to me while writing.  

How does your desk look like?

16 thoughts on “The Desk of a Writer

  1. I am so jealous! Your desk is neat and put together. This actually seems like a good idea. When I figure out what’s wrong with my digital camera I might do this.


    • My desk looks neat?!?!?! Maybe it’s because I cleaned it up a bit. But my desk is the messiest thing in my whole house! haha. I can’t wait to see your desk 🙂


  2. ooh, i love your lamp!

    how’s TRC coming along?

    i’m anticipating what happens next, since you only posted up to ch. 7 on authonomy. And I would really like to read more T_T.


    • TRC is coming along very well!

      If only I could publish soon, then you wouldn’t have to wait too long, but I’m afraid….you’ll have to wait two years at the earliest!!!! So long, I know.


      • LOL that would be an excellent idea. But Authonomy, man, I gave up on that site. It’s so competative. The anxiety it instills in me steals away my concentration when I write. So it’s no good for my system.

        Hmm. Sapphire. I don’t remember this name from anywhere. Do you have a blog or something?


  3. Well, right now a desk is something I seem to be lacking in… (There’s no room for one in my room at home. I have too many books.) But when I get back up to school in September and have a desk again, I’ll be able to take a picture. Mostly it will just be cluttered, with pictures and post-it notes, multiple piles of books (hooray history and literature classes), with one square clear for my laptop.


    • No desk at home? Where do you write then? Sometimes my desk is too messy to write on so I go out to the living room..and mess the dinning table up… I hope you’ll take a picture of your desk at school. After reading all your blog posts, I’m curious to know how your writing desk looks….!!


      • I commandeered a TV tray from downstairs for my computer to sit on, and then I set it in front of my bed. I sit on the portion of my bed that isn’t taken over by notes, medieval history texts, or pillows.


      • Wow. What an ideal way to write! You sound like one of those crazy writers who end up writing masterpieces!


  4. wow. i’m impressed at how CLEAN your desk is!
    my desk has NO space…
    i usually sprawl EVERYTHING on my desk, floor, and chairs when i start writing essays…. my friend calls me a “scholar” when i’m in this mode. haha.


    • I cleaned up my desk a bit before taking this pic. Usually I have a mountain of tissues, candy wrappers, and a stack of cereal bowls, dinner bowls, lunch bowls, and a line of cups, on my desk. I bring the dining table to my desk, haha.

      I would have thought your desk would be super clean!!!!


  5. no. i think ever since i was in high school, i have never had a clean work station when i’m at work. it’s only clean when i’m about to start and when i am done. oi.


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