Can the fate of a writer change?

I’ve been discussing this one badly written story with my editor, and it got me thinking:

I wonder if the most mediocre of writers can become a great, laudable writer with enough determination? And I mean a writer with no spark, no redeeming qualities, to her/his writing or plotline. There is a saying: “Where there is a will, there is a way.” But is such a proverb relevant to a writer? Indeed, a young writer will write better as the years go by. There needs to be that will to improve, for only then will one’s writing mature. But this isn’t what I’m talking about. I guess I’m being a bit confusing here, but, do you beleive that good writers have this creativity, this spark, that enables them to write something great with enough practice and effort? And that some people who enjoy writing, lack the said qualities, so that no matter how hard they try to write something good, they never will. In other words, do you think bad writers are doomed to be bad writers?

4 thoughts on “Can the fate of a writer change?

  1. I believe that the ability to write is a gift and not something you can learn. Sure, you can learn punctuation and grammar, but style and talent can not be taught or learned. If you are a good writer, than you’re a great writer. Sure, at first, you may start out rusty but even writers with talent need practice, that’s how you get better. I mean, you can’t honestly say that the great Jane Austen didn’t have her fair share of horrible drafts before she got something just right.
    Like all the other artistic venues, singing and drawing, are not abilities you can acquire. You’re either an good drawer or a good singer. If you’re not, then you’re not. All in all, talent is something you’re born with.
    Though, that’s not to say that a really really bad writer can’t be okay. It probably won’t be great but if they truly want to do great, they’ll put there time and effort into being so.


    • Thanks for the reply! I think you’re right. Writing well is a gift. Just as I’ll sing OK even after a lot of effort, I’ll probably never be able to sing super great, as I haven’t been born with this vocal talent. And I do prefer this exclusiveness. It makes people with these talents (everyone has talents, they just differ in which they have) special.


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