It feels like it’s been forever since I last updated my blog. Well, there really isn’t much to say, only that I’m in another country at present. The weather is absolutely maddening here. It’s so hot and humid. I feel sticky all over. It’s hard to concentrate on my writing when I’m in such a condition. But today I, for once, am not complaining in my mind. Our living room has tall windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling. It looks out onto the vast, dull blue sky (clear of any power lines or buildings), that arches over the greenery and the hills that line the horizon. My mom, who has never read or watched Wuthering Heights before, keeps telling me that she feels like we’re inside this story. She says this because the title of this masterpiece accords with the weather. And I, who has read and loved the book but disliked all adaptations of it, agree with her. Right now, wind is whistling against our windows, is rattling the windowpane, and is whipping continually into our house. Put this together, in your mind, with the idyllic scenery that stretches out around my home, and you too will picture the (Asian version) of WH. Oh! Ok, now, all the sudden, it has begun to rain so heavily. Perfect. I’m working on a raining scene in TRC right now. I shall now return back to the Regency era where Amanda is about to commit the biggest mistake in her life.

4 thoughts on “Update

  1. That sounds beautiful. Hehe, do you think Heathcliff might be wandering around searching for Catherine? I’m in the mist of reading the book right now and I have to say that the Bronte sisters were amazingly talented.

    You don’t like any of the adaptations? I’ve only seen the most recent one with Tom Hardy and I love that movie to pieces.

    Happy writing!


    • I have seen the most recent one–and I DID like it. I just didn’t like some of the scenes. And Hardy’s lips were sometimes too puffy. But he was the best Heathcliffe so far (wayy better than Ralph Fiennes, becaus the movie made him too violent for my liking). It’s just my opinion that WH is one of those love stories just too dark and violent to be adapted well into a movie without making me cringe at times


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