A present from Aranel du lac



A dear fellow writer, sarah, made two banners for me.

I’m adding the first pic to my “My book: Sample Chapter” page on my blog. It matches my title. The lady is running away–and my story is called “The Runaway Courtesan.” tee hee. You’ll find it if you scroll down to the end of my first chapter

6 thoughts on “A present from Aranel du lac

    • I am indeed very fortunate, madam.

      Oh! Do you know, I have visited your site several times, am faithfully following–but for some frustrating reason, it won’t publish my comments… This problem has occured with another person whose blog I follow but won’t allow my comments to be published. It’s something to do with the blogging site…or maybe I’m doing something wrong…Anyway, I just wanted to tell you here, since there isn’t any other way to tell you,than I’m enjoying your posts very much


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