Jane Austen’s EMMA (2009)

I’m freaking out right now. I want to see this so badly!

I don’t quite see Romola Garay as Emma. And the same goes for Jonny Lee Miller, I don’t see him as a Mr Knightly. But 1)maybe they’ll prove their part when I actually watch the series 2)I don’t care whether they fit the part or not–it’s a friggin Regency period film!!!!

10 thoughts on “Jane Austen’s EMMA (2009)

  1. Hello, there! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just wanted to ask you…Richard Armitage looks cynical? I don’t think so! Maybe you can be influenced by his roles: Guy of Gisborne, John Mulligan, Lucas North and even John Thornton.But what about his kindness when you see him as “himself” in the vaious interviews or his Harry Kennedy (The Vicar of Dibley)?. I still think he would have been a perfect Knightley, for his age and for his ability to interpret both terribly harsh and terribly kind men. Who would you have chosen as the perfect Mr Knightley then?


    • Aha! I see your point. I did only see Mr Armitage in Robin Hood and North & South. He looked like a brooding cynic in both series. But from the pics of him from the Vicar of Dibley–he did look nicer. But didn’t see this series.

      Hmm, who would I have chosen as the perfect Mr Knightly. Mr Northam (I think that’s how you spell his name). He was wonderful!


    • I had a hard time getting through Emma. I’m not sure why…. But I remember enjoying the TV adaptations more than the book itself.


  2. OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! I didn’t know there was a new Emma coming out! Wow. Romalai, I think, would make a fine Emma. By the looks of it, I think she’ll make it quite humorous. Johnny Lee…hmm. I still see him as Edmond in Mansfield Park. We’ll see if he’s up to Northam’s standard of spunk. Hopeful.


    • Yes, I do think Romalai (oh, I spelt it wrong on my blog. Oh well. Too lazy to fix it up right now) will give Emma a humorous twist.

      OMG! indeed! It was the very reaction I had


    • I actually tried reading one of those books before–just read the first chapter and…it reads more like a traditional Harlequin Regency Romance, rather than an Avon Romance (they’re pretty different, I’ve come to realize). But maybe I’d have liked it if I read on.


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