What did Mr Darcy eat?

And what did the wealthy barons, viscounts, earls, marquises, and dukes in Regency England eat? Below is an episode of Supersizers Go on Regency era food! As much as I love the fashion and custom of its time, I don’t think this diet would suit me too well…Thus, I wouldn’t mind living in Regency England for a week, but no longer than that.

(I’ve posted all six videos for your convenience. And while you watch, imagine, this is the sort of food those tall, dark, brooding heroes in historical romances ate…):

17 thoughts on “What did Mr Darcy eat?

  1. Thanks June! It sounds very interesting, though not very tasty. But I’ll have a careful look at all the clips tonight and I’ll let you know how long I think I’d resist eating in the Regency era!


    • Breakfast looks good. But in one of the episodes they show that some have such big breakfasts that they end up falling asleep again. I wouldn’t want to start my day feeling all stuffed!!!


  2. Hahahaha OMG–thank you SO much for posting this!!! I was HOWLING with laughter the whole way through! Since I watched that episode, I’ve gone on to watch the Victorian and Edwardian episodes as well!! I don’t think I’ll ever look at Regency England the same way again!!!


  3. I definitely wouldn’t be able to handle all of the rich food. (Well, maybe dessert.) It was really funny to watch, though. I’m going to have to watch some of the other episodes now, too.


  4. Thanks for this post! I enjoy reading regency romances, so this looks like a behind-the-scenes look at what really happens during that era. Although it sort of takes away the romance when faced with cold reality, doesn’t it?


    • Indeed it does take away from the romance aspect of the Regency era lol. Just imagine those hunky heroes stuffing their tummy up early in the morning and falling asleep right after…


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  6. This food looks great. You don’t have to eat it ALL.

    Raw egg in my tea e.g.? Why, yes, of course. Although, maybe they tempered the egg so that it wouldn’t scramble in the tea. I don’t know what that would be any better. Egg + Tea = horrid but oh so full of protein!

    The desserts, on the other hand… mmmmmmmm.

    Also, maybe I shouldn’t make bold admissions on the interwebs, but I really don’t mind organ meat. So there.

    What really concerns me is the complete lack of quinine, aspirin, penicillin and pepto bismol.


    • I will try everything …excluding the cheese with MAGGOTS!!!!!!

      If you dare me to try the raw egg in my tea–I will. And I’ll report back to you of my experience in my next blog entry. (I might say it was for the sake of research, haha)


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