I am back!

This is just going to be a quick update on what’s going on with me:

1) Leaving my parents and little brother, I’m back in Canada, preparing to attend my first year at the University of Toronto. I can’t say my airplane flight here was pleasant though. I sat down and then later two guys sat beside me on the plane. They used both my arm rests; thus, I had nowhere to place my elbows. It was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t even go sleep. Instead I watched movies all throughout my flight–5 movies, to be exact. Also, whenever I had to go to the washroom, I’d have to moon the guy in my attempt to get out. very embrassing.

2) I’ve accomplished my summer goal. My ninth(?) round of revision is complete! But I’m still not satisfied with these two major chapters. I think I’ll work on them a little during university. Just a little. But I want to have this over with so I can put TRC aside for about six months. Then I’m bringing it out to do one more round of editing before I try querying to agents. Yes, change of plans, I won’t be keeping TRC for another four years. While my intention was to keep TRC and revise it over the next four years, my dad said that I should “try” to get it published, starting this or next year. He said that I’ll always think my story isn’t good enough, I’ll always want to change something, so I need to stop trying to perfect my MS at one point and take the next step.

3)  I learned recently that my dad is a published writer. He’s a professor of theology, so he wrote a book about Christianity stuff (sorry, I don’t know the specifics), and got it published last year. But I didn’t know! I wonder if I inherited this passion for writing from my father?

4) I’m looking for a dedicated editor really good with grammar. I already have two editors (Val and Flora) but they mainly focus on the plot, character and historical accuracy. I don’t want to ask them to start again from chapter one and pick at grammatical errors. They’ve already done so much for me.

5) I’m reading the book “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. It is soooo good.

6) I woke up at 6pm today. Not only was this due to my jet lag, but because I stayed up until 5am watching “Queen Margot.” I wish I could say I loved it. But, though the historical backdrop was interesting, and though Vincent Perez (the male protagonist) was gorgeous (!!!) in this movie, it was like a bodice-ripper to me. When I see an undeveloped, lust-oriented love story, I get critical. Has anyone else seen this movie?

6 thoughts on “I am back!

  1. Well, if you need someone to look specifically at grammar, I can definitely do that. I start school again in three weeks, so I’m not sure how quickly I’ll be able to work, but if you don’t mind that I’d be happy to edit for you.


    • Oh! I would appreciate your help a lot! You read a bit of it on Authonomy right? I’m assuming you saw some things to correct while reading them. I can’t try querying or anything like that until I have my grammatical stuff down pat.

      Did you see the movie Queen Margot?


    • Here’s the link to the movie. I thought this was something you’d have seen for sure, as it’s a period film set in the medeival era.

      I’m glad you see mistakes! I know there are tons (especially those small ones, like punctuations) but I just can’t see ’em.


  2. Wow. That sucks about the plane ride! But I’m glad that you’re going to do one more ‘run’ through TRC and then send it out – I agree with your dad, us writers we always see flaws with our ‘masterpieces’. Curse of the craft. But whatev, it’s what makes writing sooo much all-consuming fun! hehe.

    Actually I have seen Queen Margot…I bought it like six months ago…It definitely was not what I had expected, and it changed a lot of things I thought about the Tudor period – of course that was tudor FRANCE, so…always a difference 🙂 But as for the bodice ripping I have to say that I didn’t see it so much as a lust thing…yes, there was a healthy dose of lust going around that court…however, with La Mole and Margot, I think that their constant removing of each other’s clothes was more like an analogy. you know the part when La Mole tells Margot that he loved her ‘like you are now.’ she was an outcast, a fugitive, no one cared where she was or what she did. She was just as helpless and alone as a peasant, as he had been once. I think it was more about them getting everything that was always suffoctating them, court intrigue and demands, etc. out of the way so that they could breathe.
    So, while I don’t relish seeing other people go at ‘it’, I have to say that I really liked the movie. But then i’m partial to tragedies 😉

    Congrats on Uni! Hope it is a great experience and I wish you the best of luck! till later


    • Ah, so there’s an analogy behind it! You’re so observant. I didn’t realize this until you pointed it out. The thing is, I don’t get why they’d be in love, from the start, when they barely conversed with each other. They were attracted to each other because of their first passionate encounter. I did really enjoy this movie. I just wish there were more scenes between them. I don’t know whether the uploader cut out the scenes on YouTube–but whenever they reunite, it jumps right into the kissing moments. But yes. I felt unsatisfied. I wanted more dialogue in between.

      After watching this, though, I’m now obssessed with Isabelle Adanji and Vincent Perez. last night I watched a movie she starred in, titled “Camille Claudel”–this was a bit boring, mainly because so many of the scenes were cut out on YouTube. And now I want to watch IndoChina because Vincent Perez is in it.


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