Querying countdown

True to my word, I have been working hard on my query letter, hoping to send it out by the deadline I’ve set for myself. November 20. I have a feeling I’m really close to my final draft. S.J.Maas (check out her interview here), an agented writer, has been of massive help to me. I thought the original draft of my query letter was pretty decent. But oh boy was I far from it. Through her help I now have a query letter that is beyond recognition from the original draft. I love it. Each time I receive the critiqued draft from her, I am so excited to work on it, so much so that I neglect my school readings and end up staying up till the early hours of the morning revamping it (this isn’t anything to brag about, I know!–but rest assured, I’m not falling behind at school).

I have about 40 agents I want to query to. I need 50 more–It means 50 more chances of getting a request from an agent to read a partial of my work. I also need to work on a synopsis, which I am dreading. Grrrrrr.

D-Day: 24

EDIT: 30 days… not 24…

9 thoughts on “Querying countdown

  1. GOOD WORK, JUNE! I am impressed. Avon seems really interesting, I think it would suite TRC well. I whole-heartedly agree that TRC should not be fitted with a fleshy cover, that is just wrong. I’m really excited for you and TRC – you are getting ever closer to publishing! If it happens, and it seems very, very likely, it would be a dream come true, I must say! So excited. Sigh* Good luck with the synopsis. -24 days and counting. 😀

    PS. I’m going into my exam period soon (in 2 weeks), so I will probably be out-of-contact for close to a month. Although I might occasionally check my email, if all else fails, I’ll resurface on the 20th Nov (last exam).
    PPS. I took a day off from doing uni work just to write and read. So, yes, I am too neglecting (somwehat) my studies. YAY!
    PPPS. It’s raining a little, and for some reason, I am reminded of Lucas…*giggles* Ah, THAT scene. So cute.


    • Awww Kim I wish you the best of luck in your studies! And thank you so much for your enthusiasm for TRC. It really is contagious. Makes my day always. And I was SO SO SO HAPPY to know that the rainy day reminded you of “THAT” scene.


    • Yah, it is not at all as easy as I thought it’d be! But I’m sure you’ll do super well. I’m just not good at condensing my 90k story down to…a few hundred words. But what is even MORE difficult is writing the synopsis. It’s so….hard and…boring…and…ughhhhh


  2. ARGH! I feel so behind!!! I can’t believe everything that you’ve updated and that I haven’t seen/read! Wow…you’re busy.

    Well, i know absolutely nothing about publishing…unfortunately. But I do wish you luck. I think it’s smart that you’re looking at a broad spectrum of agents/agencies…Good luck! That’s so exciting, i mean your draft letter and rewrites…lol…don’t fall behind! Much love from here, June, and the best of wishes in all your endeavors!!!


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