7 thoughts on “EMMA (2009) WATCH IT!!!!!

  1. Just like you, I could only have a look at some clips on Utube and read several reviews on several different blogs. I love Romola Garai’s EMMA and I’ve even started liking Johnny Lee Miller as Mr Knightley. He was so good in some scenes I’ve seen. I’ll try to get the DVD as soon as possible!


    • I really enjoyed the three episodes! I’m not awaiting the last one. But going nuts about it with my sister (period dramas do that to me) I realized that EMMA is probably one of Austen’s work that I’m not too much of a fan of. In all the adaptations because Emma and Knightly already know and like each other there isn’t that chemistry one encounters in other works by Austen–like Persuade, P&P, S&S…Just romance-wise though. It’s still a great story!


  2. Oh yay, so exciting! I’m going to resist watching episode one until I’m sure episode two is up as well. Or else I wouldn’t be able to function.

    Oh, oh, a just in case you haven’t seen it:


    • Hey! I actually have watched this, but thank you for posting it–if you find and watch any other period dramas that I might have missed do inform me. We can never be too sure haha.

      Have you watched this version? I actually liked this version better than the movie adaptation with Ralph Fiennes.


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