Update! (For the lack of a better title)

I would like to begin this post by congratulating Priscilla Shay for completing Willful Wisdom! After two long years she has finally finished this intriguing story of passion, murder, mystery, and spies! I am so happy for her, especially as she is a fellow Historical Romance writer. Now she will start revising this work so she might publish it one day. To keep track of her progress you should check out her blog here.

As for my progress, S.J.Maas and I have finally reached a consensus that my query letter is ready to send out, but just in case, she recommended that I send a copy to Alexandra, another great query letter writer. Now we’re working on my synopsis–basically I need to sum up my 90,000 word story into two pages. I sent Sarah a draft but she asked for a rewrite. And rightly so! I had no idea what I was writing until I read her critiques. She suggested this:

“….make it more about the plot, and less about the characters. Right now, I have no idea what happens in the story. It might help to make an outline of the plot arc of the story, bulletpointing all the key events, and then go in and write the synopsis again.”

I’ve rewritten the synopsis but plan to hang onto it for a few more days and see if I can make some improvements.

Countdown to Querying: 20 days

As I said before, readers, keep me accountable.


11 thoughts on “Update! (For the lack of a better title)

    • You SHOULD feel very special. I’ve read all the chapters of WW on my subway ride to school. Once I get home I’ll write a review.
      Amd the sample query letter was tons of help! thank you so much!


      • Lol, thanks. Oh, you know I still haven’t read all my chapters o.O I’ll do that before the rewrite..probably won’t believe I wrote some of it even though it I did.

        🙂 you’re welcome


  1. Don’t worry kid. Old Doc went thru more revisions than I can count, and we just now have significant interest from publishers. You are younger and smarter than me, and you’ll get there.

    Dr. B


  2. Hi June–it’s Rowenna from back in Authonomy days 🙂 Congrats on getting RC this far–I’m excited for you! Just fair warning–you have to get this published soon or else I’ll be sorely disappointed in having to wait to find out the ending. Best wishes as you move forward!


    • Ohh Authonomy
      The good old days…
      And thank you for your kind words! I do hope my journey to publication won’t be too bumpy *crosses bumpy*
      I’m going to add you to my blogroll
      Do you have facebook?


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