Fictionpress authors breaking into the publishing industry
…One book at a time

A few of us former FictionPress authors have launched a blog to reach out to Fictionpress readers, and provide resources and information for FictionPress writers also seeking to move into the World of Publishing (I’m paraphrasing the mission statement for our site here). The contributors are writers who have made (or are making) the leap to professional publication like myself, Mandy Hubbard (published author of Prada & Prejudice), Sarah J. Maas (author of Queen of Glass), Poohba (author of Thorn of the Kingdom), Renee Carter (author of His Eyes), Alexandra Shostak (author of Phantom Beauty), Rachel Simon (an awsome FP-BETA), and Savannah (author of Antebellum). This is a community where we can finally keep track of all the FictionPress writers on their progress to publication! If you want to also become a contributor send in your application to the email provided in the CONTACT PAGE of our blog.



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