Ode to Writing!

 I really have to update more often! University life is overwhelming …But, as Mr. Darcy in the ’95 adaptation says, “I will overcome this!”

I must share with everyone the strangest incident that occurred last week. I was walking through campus, observing the colorful array of soggy leaves strewn across the damp sidewalk, then at the gothic 19th century architecture of our university (I love how UofT makes me feel like I’m at Hogwarts), but when I looked forward I saw someone I did not know, yet felt I should know. She had been on the phone, but came to a stumbling halt, her eyes fixed on me.

“June?” she asked, her voice hesitant.

I just stared. As the seconds passed by, this is all that went through my head: Oh….my…gosh. Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH!!!

It turns out that she was Custos Morum on Fictionpress, my reader of two (ish?) years. We both recognized each other thanks to Facebook. But how coincidental IS this?! I knew we went to the same university. But our university is the size of a city. That we should walk into each other is… !!!! (for the lack of a better word). I told my LTWF blogger team about this and they shared stories about how they met up with their readers. Though we differed in how we met our readers, one thing is the same, which is: It is SO GREAT to meet, face to face, someone who appreciates your work.

This Friday I met up with Kerrie. She’s the person I sat randomly next to on my second-ish day at my English Lit lecture. We began to talk about books and discovered that we both preferred the classics to contemporary literature and that we were both interested in the publishing industry and THEN that we were both novel writers! So when we lounged at a coffee shop, both of us sipping on our hot drinks, we talked on and on about writing. It’s always so nice meeting someone with the same aspirations as myself. Now we’re planning on making a literary/writing group with a more intimate environment than the one at school. We’re going for a Bloomsbury kind of group. The thought of recreating such a group is so very, very appealing *dreamy sigh*. We’re going to meet up another week to plan this out. Then we need to start recruiting members.

The query letter is FINISHED (got the thumbs up from both Sarah and Alexandra). The synopsis is 40% complete. Sarah J. Maas returned her review of my synopsis rewrite and gave me her stamp of approval–for the general structure of it, that is. There is still a lot to fix and phrases to amp. But I’m getting there! Eeeeh so excited. As I wrote on my Facebook display name this week (paraphrasing):

I CANNOT wait to start querying. Even if I get rejected, I’ll still be excited, saying something like this: YAY an agent WROTE back to ME!

Is anyone else in their querying stage? How did you feel and deal with rejection? Please help me prepare myself…*nervous laughter* As optimistic as I might sound now, I think it’s because the reality of what I’m about to do, has not yet registered in my mind.

15 thoughts on “Ode to Writing!

  1. Lol, WOW that’s crazy. But, it’s so cool you met a reader/reviewer…world really is small o.O Although, I’ll be honest, a couple of times I DID wonder if you and Ravina would run into each other.

    You know what’s funny? Like, last week when I was in my Eng Lit class the girl I was sitting next was telling us about having to return overdue library books…and I found out we like reading the same novels! (Regencys) and we even have the same favorite authors. We were so excited we just started talking and forgot we were in class…the professor ended up shushing us.

    Good luck with the query!!! *bouncy* I’m excited FOR you!


  2. Ooh!!! I never met anyone (other than my sister) who is a fan of Regency romances–jane austen,yesn but it’s just not the same!!

    Aww…now the two of you can go HOUR book shopping!!


  3. Kid, I think most every writer gets rejected more than Charlie Brown, but it will come with time.

    In the early days I send out some for fun to big shots just so I could someday say I was rejected by the best. After about a decade I think I now have some serious prospects.

    Dr. B


  4. That is crazy! I’m a little jealous–I wish I could meet some of my virtual friends face-to-face but the likelihood is exceedingly slim. I confess–I’m querying, as well, though without the fabulous guidance you seem to have on your side 🙂 Won’t say too much about how it’s going, as I don’t want to get too excited or too down about anything until I have a solid idea of what’s transpiring…but I will say, the process is emboldening. Optimistic is a good place to be–try to maintain at least a little of it, especially in the long waiting-to-hear phases!


  5. @Dr.B – well, your long journey has certainly paid off now that you found yourself a most wonderful agent!!! I hope I find an agent who is just right for me!!

    @Rowenna-my bumping into a reader was a very rare case indeed!! But we go to the same school so…yah, the chances of meeting were still pretty slim.

    Oh I am so excited to know that you’re going to start querying!! Have you queried before? This is my first time ever which is why I needed guidance. If you read the first draft of my letter you’d have cringed!!!


    • Thank you for dropping by my blog!

      Nooo need to be jealous. But it really is so awsome to meet someone by coincidence whom you knew for so long via internet. As strange as that might sound haha


      • It’s not strange :)…well…maybe a little bit. But it’s a good kind of bizarre thing.

        It had been so long since I had visited your site :). You changed the appearance of it, right?


      • Aye aye. I changed the theme. What do you think? If it’s a bit too “meh…” please tell me! I’m not too sure which theme I like best.

        Ah, I’ve added you to my blogroll. Now I can keep track of your wonderful writing whenever I have time! Yay!


    • You can do either or:

      1) Go to “Blog Info” on the gray bar above when you’re on my page and click on “Add to Blogroll”
      2) Go to your account (you know, where there’s your blog stats and all). On the left hand where the list of tools are, under “Links” click on “Add new.” And you’ll know you’re way from there :)

      Oh I am so relieved you like the new look!!!!! Whew!!


  6. No way, June. This NaNo thing is nothing compared to having the strength and courage to send your book out for queries. I have a friend who helped me write the synopsis for C&C. She told me to get the first three chapters edited and sent out because that would give me plenty of time to edit the rest of the chapters while I waited to hear from them. I’m not nearly brave enough, so to make up for that I decided to do NaNo. I’m trying to talk myself into getting that editing done around the first of the year. I’ll bet you have some really great ideas for a new book after TRC. Write, write, write because I know TRC is going to do awesome and you’ll ned something great to follow it up.


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