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1) I’ve entered Rowenna’s book-give-away contest! This is my very FIRST contest ever that I’ve entered online. I’ll be bummed if I don’t win an autographed copy of one of her used books!!!! I hope she’ll hold several more contests. And reading her entry made me want to hold contests as well. Small ones. Maybe in the summer time.

2) Still waiting for the response from Agent#1 and 2. I am preparing myself for the worst. This isn’t because I’m a pessimist. I’m a fairly optimistic person in fact. But, ok, I’ll compromise, my attitute is called: Statistically logical pessimism. I’m sure that only one in every ten writers get signed on by an agent on her/his first try (the nine writers who got rejected–it doesn’t mean they’re any worse. It only means that they have not yet found THE Agent). Plus. The more pessimistic I am, the less disappointed I will be when rejected, and the more overjoyed I will be when asked for the full MS request. It all works out in the end. GAHHHH ok. To tell you the truth, I am rather hopeful about Agent#1, and I WILL BE SOMEWHAT devastated if she rejects me. She is the agent who, after exchanging a few emails back and forth with, made me do a 180 degree career change (in regards to which market I want to publish in). But, rest assured dear readers, I will forge on should I be plopped into a worst-case scenerio. Writers, when you get rejected, remember to tell yourself this: “My book is a story that MUST be told.” This ambition alone will drive you on, no matter how many rejections it takes.

3) My answer to LTWF question of the week: If you had to pick one “theme song” for your novel, what would it be? is being reposted onto my blog because the piece is just too beautiful to share on only one site:

I would pick Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ (movement 1 Allegro non molto) for my historical romance, THE RUNAWAY COURTESAN. When I began writing TRC two years ago, this piece was in my playlist, and though I’ve removed and added new songs to my list, ‘Winter’ has always remained. And it was actually this piece I was listening to while writing an outline for my book. Each note in ‘Winter’ struck a chord in my heart, flashed scenes before my eyes, of a fallen woman lost in the glamorous, yet decadent Regency society. Ahhh! It’s heartbreakingly lovely. There’s something about Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ that sends a shiver down my spine each time I listen to it.

4) I told Bennetts that when I finally visit England one day I would like to hire a historybuff so I might ask millions of questions that would be answered with great enthusiasm. His answer gave the term “Historybuff” a whole new etymology: Buff is the colour of my breeches. Historian is my job description. Yes, here is me and my ga-ga adoration of this most intelligent historical fic writer. Strain your eyes and admire him as I do.

5) I will try not to write blog posts so late at night/early in the morning. Badly done, June. And I didn’t even mean to write this comment. But an hour later I return to this post to add thought number 5. I think this is the con about being a novelist. If you have a keyboard beneath your fingertips, even though you’re writing utter nonesense, it’s still fun.

O.K. Goodnight!

13 thoughts on “Updating Blog at 4am

  1. I’m commentin while listening to Vivaldi. I love his music, so energetic and compelling at the same time. To listen to an orchestra live playing Le Quattro Stagioni always move me to tears.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    If you are interested in good Asten -based writing and like giveaways… there’s one on my blog! you’ll receive the book directly from the authoress.
    The music has ended and I close my brief comment. Bye, June!


    • Le Quattro Stagioni ? I’m going to go Youtube that right after I comment. I love pieces that are beautiful enough to move one to tears.

      Oh! Another contest! Yay! I’m starting to love contests tee hee


  2. Just scared the heck out of me, seeing self atop a hill on someone else’s blogsite.

    That said, the handsome one in that picture is Deej, and I trust all are appreciating how politely he is turning his head so that you may admire his star. I shall tell him you noticed.


    • Hahaha I imagined as much.

      Deej with the star. What a beautiful creature. Is he yours? I have a feeling that horses are very expensive to own….


  3. I will feel your “somewhat devistation” with you if agent #1 sends you a rejection. To have gotten this far though, you need to give yourself a pat on the back. It’s only a matter of time. You WILL get an agent. I am rooting for selfish reasons-I just want to read your story again!

    I was definitely feeling the Vivaldi with TRC. I pictured Amanda hurrying away somewhere (I tried to avoid using “running…:D). And Lucas on his horse galloping through the snow… Such fun! 😛


    • Thanks for leaving a comment! I won’t be “completely” devastated because I have wonderful people like yourself to make me feel better. Yes, and I will pat myself on the back for getting this far. Taking the big step to querying is something I’m proud of, because it truly can be such an intimidating step.

      Squee. I’m glad you can feel Vivaldi with TRC! It really is such an inspiring piece…


  4. Thanks much for linking 🙂 Will be employing highly scientific selection system and announcing tomorrow.

    I think that statistically logical pessimism is the absolute best way to put it! My dear husband and closest friends are my optimists–their effluent confidence allows me to muck about in realistic, untinted expecatations without getting too downtrodden. I still, of course, have every confidence in your success–I think having an agent see promise in what you’ve done thus far is triumph in and of itself!

    I, too, adore Vivaldi. I’m especially feeling Winter at the moment…could be all the snow…


    • Ok. I will still love you if I don’t win! but when you publish you must use a not so highly scientific selection when determining who will win the ARC of your debut novel–so I can win it *grins*

      Thank you for your vote of confidence! It really means a lot, coming from such a great writer as yourself. Yes. Having Agent#1 interested in my work (even though she asked for a rewrite) is something I should feel triumphant about. I thought it would require 90 more rejections to get to this stage.


  5. Wow. That song was chilling and yet so beautiful. I can see how that was a huge inspiration.

    And I believe you will get an agent, June. Because I agree that your story must be told.

    I wish all the best for you and TRC 🙂


    • Yes! That is the world–chilling.

      I hope I get an agent too! But I think I won’t mind too much being rejected and waiting a while longer before getting one. I’ve become a *bit* more of a patient person.

      YOUR story is one that must be told as well. I read a bit of this work and that work on your blog(s) before. You’re a great writer, a prodigy.


  6. June! I’ve seen the older version with Helena Boham Carter, but look! it’s a new adaptation! I linked you the shorter trailer because I think the longer one ruins it all:


      • I LOVED the version with Helena Boham Carter. I just adore that actress. I’ve watched almost everything she starred in. Like Lady Jane–that was a tear-jerker.

        I saw this adaptation (oh man, Kim, you and I are period-movie-maniacs!!! I love it). I loved it until…the end. I won’t spoil it. But, I found it a bit strange, as the director added as a scene that was NEVER in the book. But still. I liked it. The actor who played the young Emerson was a bit more better looking than the older adaptation. Me thinkgs.


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