Book Give-away contest winner!!!!


 In the war against Napoleon, there are no easy victories.

1812.  Europe has been at war for twenty years. Britain stands alone against the greatest threat to peace the world has ever known, at daily risk of a French invasion and revolution that would consign 1066 to a footnote.  In London, a handful of men struggle to protect their country and maintain the war effort.  Among them, the Earl of Myddelton, code-breaker to the Foreign Office, strives to crack the most difficult French code yet—the Grand Chiffre—before still more men die on the battlefields of Europe.

Then, on 11 May 1812, the Prime Minister is assassinated.  Amid widespread panic and fear of a French conspiracy, the government falls.  

From the ballrooms of London, to the backstreets of power, to the death-in-waiting coast of enemy France, Myddelton is drawn inexorably into the deepening crisis—his private life unravelling all the while, as misunderstandings, gossip and spite threaten to destroy his marriage, his inheritance and his career.

“This is a love story for the ages, a delicious bit of yummy to sink your eyes into on a rainy afternoon in winter. And a tale of intrigue and courage. And a showcase of a fascinating time in British history.” –author and editor, Cheri Lasota

“For me, the historical backdrop was immediately gripping; however, it was the evolution of Myddleton’s character from a callow cad to a seasoned adult that brought the story to life.”  –Avon A author of Watermark: A Novel of the Middle Ages, Vanitha Sankaran

Finally! Today is March 1st—the end of the contest to win a signed copy of M.M. Bennett’s book, MAY 1812! I used the random number generator website to select the winner. Some people have three entries because, as I mentioned on the contest guideline, those who mention this contest on their blog get two more points.

1. Priscilla Shay

2. Maria Grazia

3. Maria Grazia

4. Maria Grazia

5. Kim

6. Sapphire Ear

7. Sapphire Ear

8. Sapphire Ear

9. Mystica

10. Rowenna

11. Rowenna

12. Rowenna

13. Felicia

And the winner is… *drum roll*


Congratulations to Rowenna! I hope you haven’t bought the book already! I’ll be sending you an email very soon to ask for the address to which I might send the book off to. And for everyone else who entered, thank you so much, and hopefully you’ll win a book the next time I hold a contest. Or you can visit Maria’s blog—she is currently holding a book give-away contest too!

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