A Hollywood Moment

A pitiful confession: My camera was mainly focused on the policemen, rather than the protest itself

 1) Call me ridiculous, but I love the thrill that I feel before and after a dangerous moments. Though I turn into a total coward in the midst of it, I continue to throw myself into such situations, like a moth to a flame. And so, on the week before the G20 meeting in Toronto, knowing there would be proptests that might get out of hand, I went downtown. Even though I wasn’t feeling so well. I planned on calling a friend over to join me in our wannabe-journalist-adventure. But the city was so…peaceful…that I ended up just going to the library alone. I found two very intriguing books, began reading it, but the moment I heard shouting outside, I dropped those books and ran out with my camera. There was a parade of people going down the street, protesting, while they were surrounded by the police(*swoons*) . Anyway! The protest was very peaceful, the speech two of the protestors shared was quite moving.  After I followed them for half an hour I went home.  

It was my SISTER who found herself living a Hollywood moment. She and her friend were shopping at a mall when a lockdown occured. Her friend went nuts because she had to leave soon to catch her flight. So they slipped past a security gaurd and ran out. The man continued to yell out at them: “Ladies! It’s dangerous out there!” But they didn’t believe him. Danger was not something to be expected in their ordinary lives. So they were heading down the street, surrounded by the sound of protestors crying out their grievances–when suddenly a gunshot blasted through the air, triggering everyone into screams. My sister said there was literally a stampede headed towards her as three more gunshots rang over the shouting and screaming. She ran and ran and ran with her friend, to keep themselves from being run over, and to get as far as they could from the shooting.  

I was on the phone earlier with a customer and she was telling me about these anarchists from Montreal that had come to Toronto and had begun to smash windows and such. So I’m assuming this abrupt turn from a protest to a riot might somehow be associated with this group. We’ll see. I’m sure this story will be on the front page of tomorrow’s paper here in Toronto.   


Black-clad demonstrators burned police cars and smashed windows with baseball bats and hammers when rioting broke out at the G20 summit. 

Some protesters hurled bottles at police after they prevented them approaching the perimeter of the economic summit site. 

Heavily-protected riot police responded by firing tear gas 

‘A relatively small group of people came clearly with the intent of damaging property and perpetrating violence. 

‘They’re criminals that came to Toronto deliberately to break the law.’  

The city’s police chief Bill Blair admitted police had struggled to control the crowds, and had used tear gas on one occasion, after warning people to stay away from trouble spots. 

‘We have never seen that level of wanton criminality and vandalism and destruction on our streets,’ he told an evening news conference. 

‘There are limits to free speech, and these limits really end when it infringes on the rights and the safety of others.’ 

At least 130 people were arrested, including some Blair believed were ringleaders of the rioting that started when several hundred anarchists broke away from a large, peaceful demonstration against the top-level meeting. 




Photos taken from here 

I found myself shaking my head as I read about what occured downtown. What was going on in the heads of those who burned down police cars and smashed the windows of shops? What do they think they’ll gain from such violence? While I was amazed that this occured in our rather peaceful Toronto, I also found myself laughing, because suddenly, it seemed all so childish. Those car-burnders and window-smashers appeared to me like a child having a tantrum. Violence is not the answer. It only makes a person less creditable and heightens the reason for others to ignore their grievances.

2) On Wednesday Agent#1 emailed me! I waited a full half an hour, preparing my heart, before I finally opened the email. It turns out that I must wait a bit longer. The agent wrote to inform me that my manuscript has been scheduled for a final read in the next two weeks, and was asking whether my book was still available. (I’m not too sure what she means by ‘final read’–Can anyone explain?)I replied that it was–in a most professional manner–though the fingers that were typing these words were trembling. Two weeks now, my friends, before we find out whether The Runaway Courtesan will be offered representation or not.  So keep dropping by my blog, because it is here, to you dear readers and bloggers, that I will tell first the good or bad news. 

3) Be Still My Heart. I’m on chapter 10 of it. And am royally stuck, plot-wise. I just need to find some good inspirational soundtracks to boost me out of the rut.

43 thoughts on “A Hollywood Moment

  1. I haven`t been following the news lately, so I don`t know how G20 is causing all these protests. It`s a shame because I`m majoring in political science with a concentration on international relations, and I should know this stuff!

    But wow. The next two weeks sound terrifying. I wouldn`t be able to concentrate on my studies or anything while I wait for the agent if I was in your shoes.

    But well, I`m crossing my fingers for you >.<


    • Oh wow, studying political science must be soooo fascinating. I remember, way back when, learning about this subject in high school. It was uber fun. But I didn’t take this course in uni because I lacked too much knowledge of the political sphere.

      I live in Toronto, but actually have no idea about the specifics of G20. I’m just minding my own business right now, too taken up by writing. Not great, I know, as I should be more aware of this present century…ha…ha..

      I’m actually not THAT terrified about the response I’m to receive from the agent. I guess I’m in deniable mode–that this day has finally come after so many months


      • Political science is fun! However, you have to also have basic knowledge in history, philosophy, sociology, and other things in order to understand everything. Sometimes the teacher makes us read the original texts of philosophers who influenced political theories such as Hobbs (who wrote in the 1500s), so there are a lot of tears involved with my major.

        I really want to study English since I enjoy writing. Too bad it`s hard to find a decent English program in Japan. :/


  2. Two weeks! If I’m excited for you, I can’t even imagine how nuts you must be going! It will be “yes”, June, it will be!

    Being dangerous in order to blog…that’s interesting. I think in my last journal entry (that you accidently read!), I realized that blogging for me sort of went along those lines, this need for “fame” and validation by others that our lives are uber cool and what we have to say is uber cool.

    But of course, June, I do think your blogging is uber cool! haha! I just personally needed to eliminate that aspect from my life, plus I have much more fun journaling knowing I don’t have to censor anything.

    What kind of inspirational soundtracks are you looking for? Have you ever listened to Now We are Free from the Gladiator soundtrack?



    • I think that’s one of the unhealthy bits of wanting to get published. We crave to be read and acknowledge in whatever way we can. It’s a good thing in a way–it shows that we are born writers. It’s a bad thing also, because we end up measuring ourselves according to how popular our story/blog is. I struggle with the latter issue at times. But I’ve come to realize that popularity blog-wise really is about how much time and effort you’re willing to commit to networking and blogging prolificly. So for those who do not have the time–I think it’s wise not to torment the mind too much with the whole promotion business.

      Oh! I just downloaded that Gladiator soundtrack. it is AWESOME and SO inspiring! THANK YOU!


  3. Good luck with your manuscript! I love reading about other people’s experiences with finding (and especially SUCCESSFULLY finding) an agent. I’ll be sending out my manuscript once it’s finished, so it’s good to read about how the process works.

    What I find really inspiring to listen to while I’m writing is actually trailer music. Some of it is just SO gorgeous and breathtaking, like this one.

    Especially right around 1:12…it’s been my “go to” writing song for the past couple of weeks.

    And, just glancing from my Youtube playlist, here’s a couple more soundtrack songs you might find inspiring:

    1) Historic Love- The Tudors soundtrack

    2) Jane Seymour Dies- The Tudors Soundtrack

    3) Love and Loss- Trailer Music

    4) Love Story Meets Viva La Vida- Jon Schmidt

    5) Fanny’s Wedding- Miss Austen Regrets soundtrack

    6) Sebastian- Brideshead Revisited score


    • OMG! Thank you SO much for the recommendations. I especially loved the Brideshead Revisted soundtrack. I watched the movie a while back and LOVED it. I’m guessing you watched it too? I then bought the book but have been on chapter five for three months now

      I’ll be following your blog. I also love following the journey of other writers!


  4. I’ve been following the news and the events occurring in Toronto, I even thought about mailing you and ask if you guys were OK but then I figured I was being a bit too melodramatic but now I’m thinking- perhaps I wasn’t?
    I’m really glad you, your sister & her friend are okay…
    I have no idea why people are, after all this time, think violence is the answer?! I mean humans have been trying to solve their problems through violence for centuries and clearly- it.is.not.working!
    Anyways, on to the more exciting news; 2 WEEKS!! In two weeks we’ll know?! I’ll be watching twitter closely 😉
    and I’ve been listening to my old “Best of Dylan” track for some much needed inspiration lately- you can’t go wrong with Bob Dylan 🙂


    • Aw, thanks for your concern! It seems that whenever I try and sniff out trouble, trouble happens a few days later in a different location to another person I know. One of my friends just told me today that she was downtown when this riot occured. She wanted to see the burning police car and ended up in this rather enclosed area. There were lines made of over a hundred riot polices running towards her, running: MOVE. All the protestors began to run, so she ran as well, and was terrified because they were all headed towards a dead end. But she escaped somehow. And I think this was the stampede my sister witnessed.

      Yaaaaa!!! TWO WEEKS! But…ehm…like I said to the commentator above, I am in the state of denial

      I will def check out the best of Bob Dylan. I’ve only heard one of his songs…sadly…


    • *saltues* yes, I will try and be careful!

      I do agree with you in that writing is the easy bit. It’s stressful business when you get writers block. But it’s definately less difficult than trying to get published. Yet, the whole process of writing and getting it out to the world, is a great, memorable journey that makes publication all the more rewarding!


  5. News like this makes me worry for the world. But, I know that giving energy to negativity does not help anything. So I’ll try to concentrate on the good, instead.

    So exciting about your manuscript! Fingers crossed for you! =DD


  6. First, I am very glad that both you an your sister were unharmed and agree with the child’s tantrum assessment.
    Second, I am stuck on Rescue Me as well. Never fear, we shall overcome.
    Thrid, AAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Two weeks!!! I can’t wait! I’ll be here, crossing my fingers and praying everyday!!!!!


    • It seems we are both in the same rut. Grrrrr.

      I will appreciate your prayer very, very much! Spare about a minute or two for me before you sleep 🙂


  7. Glad all are safe where you are.

    Great news on the read from Agent #1! I will look forward to updates. In my experience, a final read could mean that the agent is having one of her readers review the manuscript–my agent did that before she offered me representation. Is it a large agency? If so, maybe a senior agent needs to read and sign on too before the offer is made…

    I hope you’re reveling in the news. Now tell me how in the world you waited A HALF HOUR before opening the email?


    • Thank you!!! I had no idea what she meant by ‘final read’ but after reading your assumption…I think you might be right. She owns this agency but has sold several books and is representing several authors. She doesn’t appear to have any agents working under her. But she’d still have readers, I guess? I’m assuming it’s true that most all agents have others give potential manuscripts a read…

      Yes, I waited HALF and HOUR. I actually received the email on my blackberry while setting out of the house. I thought it was THE email so wanted to be sitting down when I read it. I went on the bus, but had to stand up, because it was crowded. So I waited until I was on the subway in a secluded seat at the far back. It was there that I opened the email. I guess I was somewhat relieved. Whether I get rejected or represented, I would likely have cried either way, and a subway is not the best place for that


  8. Awesome on Agent #1–I know that my MS got passed around one office, so perhaps final read is she’s got other opinions and is taking a final look at it with all those ideas in mind?

    Wow, I can’t even imagine being caught in a riot like that! Crazy…hope everyone stays safe!

    As for soundtracks…I trust you’ve heard Last of the Mohicans already? Absolute favorite–the fiddle piece was my wedding recessional 🙂 And if you like the music from the Tudors as recommended above, try some Thomas Tallis straight up–I’ve been hooked on him and Josquin DesPrez for awhile now.


    • DesPrez and Tallis? Never heard of them. But I’ll check it out and am sure I’ll love it because i LOVED the Tudor soundtrack!!! With a passion!!!! The Last Kiss (or was it The Kiss..) from The Last Mohicans was awesome in so many ways. I haven’t listened to the other soundtracks though


    • Yes, ma’am! I will try not to sniff out trouble. I will seriously regret it one day. And thanks for the crossed fingers! haha


  9. Oh my! June, take care while the G20 thing is going on! I really don’t understand why people decide to be crazy when they could perfectly have donea protest in a civilised way! But at least those experiences can be used in some way on your books, can’t they? 😉 I hope Agent #1 will finally give you good news! As for songs I use to listen piano rock all along, including when writing my essays and stuff for university, but I don’t know if that will be at all useful. Have a nice (and safe) week.


    • Yes! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking when learning of all this violence going on where I live. It must have felt like THIS during those lower-class riots during the Industrial revolutions, as we saw in North&South (the stone-throwing scene where Margaret gets hit).

      piano rock! do I just type that term in to find some good pieces?


  10. It is sad that many still believe that violence will solve anything. Violence begets violence and usually increases resistance and drowns out or dilutes the intended message.


    • You are indeed right. And as Lua said above, history itself has proved that violence does not work at all. It seems people never learn…


  11. That sounds fantastic about the final read! (Not about the protests though 😦 So much violence in the world…) But a final read usually means that they’ve seriously considered your work and are giving it a final read through in its entirety before make a decision. It’s really good, because that means they are making a calculated decision on your manuscript, and not making a hasty rejection. Good luck!


    • Am very grateful for your explanation. It was such an encouraging one… “they are making a calculated decision on your manuscript, and not making a hasty rejection” That really lifted my spirit. Thanks a lot 🙂


  12. How scary!! Although personally I think you had your camera aimed in the right place.
    I have everything crossed for you, Junebugger. You are so so so close. The agent obviously loves your manuscript and could be in the process of making some publisher enquiries already.
    All of the very best, brilliant success YES wishes to you.
    x Lisa


    • You made me all giddy!!!!!!!!!! The very thought that there is the slightest possibility that she is currently making publisher enquiries….. *swoons*

      Thanks so much for dropping by. (And agreeing with me that my camera was pointed in the right direction).


  13. I’m glad you and your sister were ok. That sounds intense. Gunshots, scary! 😦

    That is incredibly exciting news about the agent, June H! Break a leg! (Sorry, I’ve been teaching theater, we’re in the habit of that, the other phrase is bad luck for us. Wouldn’t want to give you that.)


    • I’ve always paused for a moment when being told to break a leg. I always picture a leg being fractured. Ouchies! haha. Thank you 🙂


      • Oh and btw, I was wondering if you could do me the honor of being the next guest blogger on my blog. It’s fun and it’s always great to get new readers! Let me know if you are interested, you can contact me directly by using my contact page on my blog.

        Thanks! 🙂


  14. Whatever your agent decides, your fictionpress fans and I will always want to read TRC.

    Frankly, I look up to you as my inspiration. You’re done with your first novel and working on your second. I can’t find someone better to idolise.


    • Awww Maimoona! Your words meant a lot to me. The fact that you’re one of my Fictionpress readers still following me to my journey to publication… seriously, it truly is so encouraging. Kim, below you, is also one of my long-time readers. You both are awesome! You guys are the reason why I LOVE writing…because I know my work is appreciated 🙂

      A double awwww for being an inspiration to you! It’s an honor, truly. I’m smiling so foolishly (smiling from eye to eye) as I’m rereading your comment again


  15. Hey June!

    The day before yesterday I went out and bought tea-cups. Actual tea-cups. I know you’re wondering, how can I not have tea-cups before? Well, that fault has been amended with a pair of floral, gold-rimmed cup and saucer. They’re quite pretty, really. I also bought vanilla tea, which is definitely very tasty.

    I’m keeping everything crossed for TRC! So exciting!

    I’m stuck too on a scene, and it’s draining. I try something, hate it, then delete it. I’m watching Lost in Austen for inspiration, because, well, you’ve read some of my story already (misplacement, etc). Bingley, or “Bingers”, is hot.


    • That tea cup in the photo in my previous entry was actually my first too! But you bought a SET. And it sounds oh-so-lovely! Don’t you feel like an English lady drinking from it? I feel so elegent sipping from it.

      I’m going through the same process–writing, hating it, then deleting it. But today I came up with a great outline. Hopefully it will be as fun to transcribe the point form notes into paragraphs.

      Lost in Austen has hilarious twists! Caroline Bingley’s dark secret CRACKED me up…. So…ehmm…..if this series gave you inspiration, does this mean you’re writing historicals again?


      • I’m a shotty historian, and most of my knowledge comes from the films I’ve seen. So my world, essentially, is a mix between medieval/renaissance..dark ages? A bit Arthurian. Oh, I don’t know…I might google it. But because it’s a fantasy, I think I’m allowed room for error. If not, I’ll edit it later.


        Has it been two weeks already? I need news!!!


  16. Ooh, how totally Hollywood, June! But I’m glad you didn’t find yourself ducking debris or worse!

    As for the literary agent update, how exciting!!! Do let us know when you hear the good news, which I’m sure you will. Good Luck!


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