Writing Marathon In Progress: This Girl of His

For several months now a story co-written by multiple writers has been in progress. I’m actually surprised by how well the story is flowing, considering that none of us knows what direction this romance is supposed to go! The way this writing marathon works: one person starts a story with a bit of writing, then the next person would continue the story, and on and on it would go, so each person could contribute their own idea of how the tale should flow.  If you want to join the game, be sure to check out my guidelines, and continue the story HERE. Let’s try to finish this story! It obviously doesn’t have to be a novel-length book, but more of an anthology, perhaps?

Check out the story we have so far, and observe how the voice and mood of the writing changes (as the author change). It’s all very fascinating….and funny:

This Girl of His

Notice: Don’t reply to this entry with your own story contribution. Like I said, if you want to join the game, go to the original post. Also, since no reviews of the story is allowed to be commented on in the original post, all such remarks should be posted here 🙂 Remember, there’s no point in flaming the story, because all of us wrote from the spur of the moment. The sections I wrote, especially, flourish with grammatical errors.

P.S. I’ll be on hiatus once more. Going camping…again.

18 thoughts on “Writing Marathon In Progress: This Girl of His

  1. Very great idea. We started off an online magazine publication in Bangla for Bangladeshis and had such an idea for the first time ever in Bangladesh. We couldn’t make it because personally I’m too much focused in English writing. Because of English being a second language, I still lack fluency and good writing skill over it. I dream of someday when I’ll be able to write English fluently and it will meet the standards required to get published on big news agencies/media.


    • With every language, I believe that it all comes down to practice. It’s how passionate one is to learn a language that drives them to improve. Without that passion, it’s easy to give up–but clearly you’re not lacking! Best of luck! And I hope you do one day succeed in running the magazine.


  2. I’ve been following this ever since it started- it’s such a fun and original way to get creative and interact with other writers 🙂 The story is going great June!
    But how is ‘Be Still, My Heart’ doing? 😉


    • Yay! Glad you’re following the story 😀

      BSMH is going very well! I’ll give y’all an update when I find the time. I’m super busy now getting ready for school. But yah, as i said, it’s going very well. I think I’ll finish this story sooner than I did any other stories before.


  3. What a fun idea, June! I’ll definitely go read the story — it’ll be so interesting to see the changes in pace, style, voice and diction with each change in author. Enjoy your camping!


    • I wish we went camping earlier. It’s August, thought it would be warm up north, so packed light clothings…. Nearly froze my butt off!


  4. I love the story concept and hope I can keep up–super busy, too.
    BTW, this girl don’t camp :-), but I’m pretty isolated up here in the woods and it’s pretty hermit-like, so I only have to face civilization a few times a week–yay!
    Glad to hear BS,MH is going so well! Keep us updated.
    I’ve hit a nasty snag in my novel edit…grrrrrr….


    • “…I’m pretty isolated up here in the woods and it’s pretty hermit-like, so I only have to face civilization a few times a week–yay!”

      Sounds like my ideal place to live. I’d love to live in the woods, away from society, so I can be surrounded by the beautiful wilderness! And then, when I need to, go meet with people.

      Ahk! You’re in an editing rut… how so? specifically?


  5. This is such a fun project! Please keep reminding us of it for I would love to join just really don’t have the time right now.

    And have fun camping! We’ll miss you in the meantime.


  6. Erk–it was mind-numbing. I realized I had a pace problem, pace being important for the whole novel, but esp. as I’m ratcheting up the tension (I hope) and working toward several climactic chapters. It felt long enough–ever notice what takes us hours or days to write only takes a reader seconds or minutes to scan?–but the actual novel time elapsed is only one day–so not believable and very not good. ugh. So I pondered and prayed and sulked and studied. I reviewed huge parts of the whole MS, studied all my sundry notes of things I still need to include in the MS (I make lists: like, need more description, need a brief scene for so-and-so to clarify whatever…). And I think I found the solution. Add a new chapter. I can kill several birds w/ one stone. I think. I’ll let you know. I made a list–I’m a huge lister!!–so hopefully I can finish editing the next 3 chaps. then add the new one. Whew!!
    I tried to explain my crabbiness about it to my husband (because it looks so easy to him) like this. I told him it was like trying to put together a giant jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces have to be rearranged–only there are no pictures to go by, only words. I think he finally got it.
    Are you sorry you asked?! 🙂


    • ARG I’m struggling with pacing right now. I do not have the patience to write scenes I don’t want to write. So I write one out really quickly, without any heart, and write on. Then, hopefully, when I revise I can figure out what needs to go in it. Linking scenes are the worst.

      Sometimes I wish some shop sold a pair of glasses that allowed you to read your manuscript through the eyes of a reader. When I read my story, everything seems fine. But when someone else reads it, they say it’s going too fast, or that it’s dragging, or that something is missing.

      Nah, I’m not sorry I asked :-p i wish, oh wish, that I could read a bit of your story one day!


  7. Well, just hearing all that encourages me so thanks so much! Isn’t it awful that misery loves company?! I really hope to put an excerpt of it on my blog eventually. My laptop was in the shop, now is fixed but won’t connect to the internet so till I get the bugs worked out I don’t feel comfortable jumping into the blog thing–but sure have enjoyed everyone else’s. Thanks, June!


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