Picture Day!

If you guys have been following the heated debate over the newest edition of Huckleberry Finn then…. Is this HILARIOUS or what?


Jenny sketched this pic for my second book: Fall of the Sparrows

 I met her on Tuesday, the same day she wanted to introduce me her friend, Alex (an aspiring author). There’s a very interesting story behind this meeting. Alex was a long-time fan of Sarah Maas’ story QUEEN OF GLASS (published by Bloomsbury, 2012) before it was taken down from FictionPress. Then Alex discovered my blog via one of Sarah’s tweets. Then she discovered we went to the same school, University of Toronto. Then she visited my Facebook profile via my blog and discovered that we had one mutual friend…. Jenny. I told Sarah that I had coffee with one of her fans and her response was: NO WAY!!! That is so cool

This incident reminded me of the time when I was walking through campus and was stopped by one of my FictionPress readers. We sorta new each other’s faces through Facebook but it was our first time meeting in person. For a moment we just stood there staring at each other wondering if we were hallucinating… Anyway, Jenny, Alex and I met up at a coffeeshop and spent a great hour chatting about writing, movies, art, and creativity in general. 

Have you guys ever experienced something like this where you realized: Wow, ’tis a small world after all.

18 thoughts on “Picture Day!

  1. omg, I saw this last week and the Twilight one is HILARIOUS.

    I don’t know who Jenny is, but she’s very talented =)

    I haven’t had one of those ‘small world moments’ (that I’m remembering o.O) but it’s school kool !


    • Whoever created this comic strip or whatever you call ’em is a pure genuise. Seriously. The Twilight one seems to be catching everyone’s fancy:D


  2. Hilarious cartoon! Lolita–“a slight revision” giggles! And beautiful sketch–captures that part of the book so well 🙂

    Definitely have small-world moments–I live in a town big enough to forget that it’s rather small, so there are always moments of “hey, wait–you know So-and-So, too?” I was just in a meeting for work that we realized the person we needed to bring in on an issue was someone I know from church–but had no idea worked for this particular department. It’s nice to have connections, sometimes 🙂


    • If Lolita was revised I guess it would be a ‘beautifully written’ but ‘normal’ love story haha.

      It really is great to have connections! It’s actually through others that I got my first job as well as my second job. I guess it goes the same for everything else…like getting published! mwuaha


  3. Indeed I have … except it was with a person I would have preferred to not run into … lol

    How exciting to meet one of your actual readers in person!


  4. That sketch for your book is precious — such detail!!

    As for small world moments, one of my best friends moved to the U.S a few years after I did, and without either of us planning for it, her employer found her a job in the same city that I live (she lives 20 min. away from me now). I mean, she could’ve ended up in any of the 49 other states, but she didn’t! We were ecstatic when that happened! 🙂


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