On poetry, on inspiration, on writing, on life, on blogging, on confidence, on hope (…aye, what a stimulating title)

A lecture by my first year prof. He is the bomb. So make yourself a pot of tea, open the balcony window, let the warm summer wind and the twittering of birds into your room, and click on the play button. Anyone who loves poetry or loves Sylvia Plath or loves a good, intelligent, witty lecture will enjoy this one!

As for the writing front, I’m still working on the next chapter of TRC. I haven’t opened microsoft word for days. Literally. But I’m not at all anxious. I’m not hypverventillating as I  would have last year – last year I would have thought:I am not writing, therefore I am not a writer, but writing is my identity, so now I am a nobody!!!! Surprisingly I’m at total peace in my most vulnerable moment – the period when inspiration is silent. Rather than trying to force myself to write I’m just filling up my writing-well with life experience and knowledge from other books. This way when inspiration does strike…I have a huge well of thoughts to tap into, so as to add more depth to my story. I’ve come to realize that no matter how great one’s inspiration is, if that writing-well isn’t full, the story remains shallow. Like the original draft of TRC. So if there is anyone else stuck in a deep, deep writer’s block, don’t go nuts, don’t stare at microsoft word for hours – like I use to do. Fill your head with knowledge. Fill your heart with understanding drawn from life experience (in other words, go out and socialize!). And journal. Reflect upon your day.

Though I cannot say that I have unwavering confidence in my writing and in myself as a writer – I  do have unwavering, rock-solid hope.

I can’t promise when I’ll next update this blog… there really isn’t much to blog about when I’m not struggling with my writing. But thank you so so so much to everyone who has stuck around – always checking up on my blog posts and leaving such encouraging comments. Love you all : ) And I hope everyone is having an awesome summer! I certainly am…. hehe

11 thoughts on “On poetry, on inspiration, on writing, on life, on blogging, on confidence, on hope (…aye, what a stimulating title)

  1. Hey June! You’ve probably forgotten me as I dropped out of the blogosphere several months ago. But I’ve missed you! I got really wrapped up in reading blogs (they are so addictive) and realized that my books were getting dusty and all my precious spare reading time was spent online. I went cold turkey, and got back to reading weightier stuff; stuff which I hope will enrich my writing.
    This article on Plath was such a delightful surprise to discover now that I’m “back” (yours is the first blog I’ve visited). I’ve never heard a lecture on her, though I’ve read all her books and most of her biographies. In fact, a single image from a Plath poem was the catalyst for the novel I finished several months ago.
    How excited was I to see you were still so diligently writing and honing your craft? Awesome.


    • I had no idea Sylvia Path influenced you to write a novel! Which poem?

      Sorry for replying so late : ( I’ve also dropped out of the blogosphere. I hope you’ll be able to read this response…..! after reading your comment i felt that spark of desire to start blogging again. But what an inconvenient time to be experiencing this, as I HAVE no time now to update my blog due to school


  2. The funny thing is that I was drinking tea when I was reading this… hmm? Anyway, this was awesome, I haven’t read any Sylvia Plath mainly because I’m one of those people who sleep too much that I practically live under a rock. I read your re-write with the prologue, it’s beast. Anyway, Peace & Love, you’ll get there.


  3. Hey, June! I’ve checked several times, but just saw you replied. Believe me, I understand. But hey, a new year’s coming, right? I plan to get my blog up and running by then, too.
    The poem by Plath that had the image that inspired my novel was “A Secret”–but I can’t tell you the stanza; gives too much of the plot away!
    Though often repugnant, her images are so stellar, I can study them for hours…can’t you?


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