Period Drama Soundtracks

vanityfair2004-still11I was with one of my writing friends, Kerrie Mcreadie (founder of  Spectatorial  and also a novel-writer), at a coffee shop, working away on our individual manuscripts.

It was pretty noisy where we sat, so she asked me to recommend a soundtrack she could listen to while writing. Right then, a list of period drama soundtracks scrolled endlessly through my mind. I ended up recommending The Crimson Petal and the White’s soundtrack, which she ended up really liking.

So I decided to compile here a few other period drama soundtracks that I often listen to while writing. Hopefully this list (though it’s a small list – I’ll post more, little at a time) will come handy to those writing historical fiction. Or even a fantasy. Or romance. Or anything dramatic.

Miss Austen Regrets


The Crimson Petal and the White [Warning: some pretty R rated scenes]

Parade’s End

North and South


Becoming Jane

Wuthering Heights

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Jane Eyre

The Paradise

The Duchess

Sense and Sensibility



Feel free to share the music you’re writing to right now : )


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