Oil-Painting the Character from My Manuscript

Toronto-20140614-04285ssThe Story Behind My Artwork:

I, Miss Bluestocking, was commissioned by well-to-do parents to paint a portrait of their son, Lucas Creswell. He was a young man, 20 years of age, when he first sat down for me and my brush.

I was initially intimidated by his brusqueness but quickly warmed up to him. He was surprisingly humble and unaffected despite his privileged upbringing.

Toronto-20140614-04282 When I revealed the completed portrait to the family, let’s just say the Creswells did not look too pleased. They were expecting something more along the lines of classic realism than impressionism.

There were other issues with the portrait.

Lucas Creswell asked in a solemn voice, “Why, madam, do I have a moustache?”

I expelled a tragic sigh. “My hands, good sir, shook while trying to paint your lips!

Toronto-20140614-04279But the Creswells were still kind to me despite their disappointment.

To this day I am still well-acquainted with Lucas Creswell. We have kept up a correspondence for many years. He is now in his late twenties and is the magistrate of Devonshire.

But when he isn’t busy wielding undisputed power, fixing wages, building and controlling roads and bridges, I often find him taking long walks with his most intimate friend, Miss Amanda Hollingworth. An uncanny young woman with inky brown hair and a crooked smile.


The Real Story:

I wanted to take a few hours’ break from writing. Didn’t know what to do. So I oil-painted my story to life.

The sketch behind the paint


Painting always reminds me of writing. Draft by draft, brush stroke by brush stroke, we layer the story until it’s completed.



8 thoughts on “Oil-Painting the Character from My Manuscript

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this piece!

      I took a few classes before and it helped a lot. But even if you don’t take classes you can watch some youtube tutorials and just go ahead and experiment with oil painting!

      Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I LOVE the concept and the execution! Miss Blue Stocking–a painter and a writer! I might have to steal this idea from you. It must have been so much fun.

    I must say, he’s got the greatest hair.


    • Oh! Are you a painter too? I wouldn’t be surprised if you were. There’s something about your book and blog that gives off the “visual artist” vibe. And I really would like to see you and any other writer bring their manuscript to life through artwork.

      Haha the hair – goodness, his hair is a story in itself. I was about to give upon this portrait because of the hair! It turned out better than I expected.

      Thank youu!

      Btw, I’ll send you the next chapter of NightFlower as soon as I finish revising it!


      • I wouldn’t say I’m a ‘painter.’ I would say I enjoy painting and don’t do it nearly often enough to get any good. Maybe Miss Blue Stocking can give me some lessons. Until then, I’m living vicariously through my characters as they create the highest art.

        Work is done and I’m about to dig into your next chapter. Goodie-goodie!


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