Who is Watching Outlander (tv series 2014)?

Ugh! I wish I could post a review of Outlander ep1 but my laptop died on me. So my first impression review (I did one for Death Comes to Pemberly and The White Queen as well) won’t be posted anytime soon. But I’m so worked up right now with the show that I just had to use my phone to update!!!! WHO IS WATCHING????

Anyway I just wanted to share their beautiful intro:


[ O t h e r s ]


Belle (2014)


12 Years a Slave (2013)


Invisible Woman (2013)

Death Comes to Pemblerley (2013)



In Secret (2014)




Jamaica Inn (2014)



The Crimson Field (2014)The.Crimson.Field.S01E05


4 thoughts on “Who is Watching Outlander (tv series 2014)?

      • We got super angry when we realized it had already ended. In this binge-watching era they should know they need to feed the beast!

        We quite like the show. We have not read the novels, but the constant cliffhangers in the show leave us needing to watch the next one.


      • I totally agree with you. The series was way too short. And the way everything was paced, where not *as much* happened per episode (compared to episodes in other series), made the series feel even shorter.

        Now, we must all wait for season 2 *sigh*


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