NEW Period Film: Effie Gray (2014)

Hmmm…the storyline seems rather old-fashioned. I’m not intrigued, but it’s a period drama, so I intend to give it a try.

Summary: This is the scandalous true story of the troubled relationship between Victorian art critic John Ruskin and Effie, his teenage bride. After marrying at the tender age of 19, Effie quickly realises her marriage is a lie when Ruskin refuses to consummate it. Yearning for affection, she soon falls for the charms of the artist John Everett Millais. Desperate to be freed from John, Effie embarks on a life-changing journey to become one of the first women in history to seek a divorce from her husband, making her an everlasting figure in feminist history (Rotten Tomatoes).

[ O t h e r s ]


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2 thoughts on “NEW Period Film: Effie Gray (2014)

  1. I haven’t heard of this movie at all, but if it’s a period drama, you know I’ll try it once! I’ve actually been wanting to watch one again soon. I’m sure you’ve seen it – it’s the BBC version of Daniel Deronda with Hugh Dancy. Soooo good!


    • I’ll let you know how it is!

      Oooh Daniel Deronda! I watched it so long ago. I remember shipping the character with the blonde hair (who murdered her husband) and Deronda. And so was a little disappointed when he ended up with the other lady. But I was young then… Maybe it’s time to watch it again!


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