Period Drama 2014 (II)

THE GREAT FIRE (TV series 2014)

The drama unfolds over four consecutive days as the fire indiscriminately takes hold of the city and the people desperately attempt to overcome the flames, as no matter what your path in life or status all human life is vulnerable. The fire consumes homes and lives as loyalties and friendships are tested and passions come to the fore.  As the greatest city of the 17th century is destroyed, the fire is a catalyst to acts of forbidden love, deceit and despair (synopsis).


THE KNICK (TV series 2014)

….Also called the “gilded age gore.”
I’m currently watching this show. So far so good!

Medical drama set in the 1900s charts the exploits of the staff and patients at a New York hospital, where they try to maintain their reputation for quality care while struggling to keep the doors open (Rottentomatoes).


P.S. I finished watching AMC’s TURN a few days ago. The series was preeetttyyyy darn good, though a little slow at first. I might write a quick review for it. And it’s been renewed for a second season, so hurrah!



Other Period Dramas



4 thoughts on “Period Drama 2014 (II)

  1. These look interesting, I’ll have to give them a try over the long winter 🙂

    If you liked Turn, check out this blog by a historian friend of mine. It’s not a “inaccuracy file” but more of a “if you found this interesting, you’ll find this expansion on or correction of the history kinda fun, too!” She only blogs while the show is running, sadly, because I miss her posts!


    • I literally squealed when I clicked on the link you sent. It’s so cool!!!! I guess I could cope with Turn-withdrawal by catching up on these posts. Thanks for sharing!


  2. I am glad that you liked Turn. It takes place in my neck of the woods—made a bit more romantic, perhaps. The one thing that bothered me was that gorgeous brick house. (I always notice houses.) I can’t think of any place it could be!


    • Thanks for dropping by!

      I wish there were more shows like Turn. I remember the gorgeous brick house too. I don’t know much about revolutionary America, but that house reminded me of something I’d more likely see in England


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