Querying countdown

True to my word, I have been working hard on my query letter, hoping to send it out by the deadline I’ve set for myself. November 20. I have a feeling I’m really close to my final draft. S.J.Maas (check out her interview here), an agented writer, has been of massive help to me. I thought the original draft of my query letter was pretty decent. But oh boy was I far from it. Through her help I now have a query letter that is beyond recognition from the original draft. I love it. Each time I receive the critiqued draft from her, I am so excited to work on it, so much so that I neglect my school readings and end up staying up till the early hours of the morning revamping it (this isn’t anything to brag about, I know!–but rest assured, I’m not falling behind at school).

I have about 40 agents I want to query to. I need 50 more–It means 50 more chances of getting a request from an agent to read a partial of my work. I also need to work on a synopsis, which I am dreading. Grrrrrr.

D-Day: 24

EDIT: 30 days… not 24…