Film Review: Bright Star (2009)

Brief Summary: Bright Star revolves around the three-year romance between poet John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Fanny is a peculiar young woman who, at first, has little interest in poetry. When she meets the enigmatic Keats, she purchases a copy of his book of poems, wanting to figure out for herself whether Keats is an idiot or not. After reading his work, she confesses to him: “I wanted to love it—But…” In other words, she didn’t like his poems.

However, as her interest in this man grows, so does her appreciation for poetry. She is awakened by him. Once Fanny and Keats fall in love, they are plunged into an obsessive relationship that changes the whole course of their lives.

Thoughts: I watched this movie with great expectations. And I stress the word ‘GREAT’. Perhaps it was due to this soaring expectation that I ended up feeling VERY disappointed by the end of this film.

Bright Star did begin superbly, captivating me with its lovely opening soundtrack, but my interest waned after Fanny and Keats discovered their love for each other. I felt that this discovery occurred too quickly, with too little development. Hence, when Fanny goes into this obsessive I-can’t-live-without-him attitude, she inspired little sympathy in me. My heart did not cry for her when she cried.


Another reason I felt so little for heartbreaking love-story was due to how short and undeveloped some of the scenes between Keats and Fanny were. Where the emotions could have been developed and intensified, instead, the director chose to end the scene and skip over a whole passage in time to another moment in their relationship.


Now that I have lowered your expectations about this movie, go watch it. You might like it. My sister certainly did. She was bawling her eyes out by the end of the movie.

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