Here’s a clip I cut out from ‘Tide of Life.’ I think my heart nearly jumped out of me when I saw James Purefoy appear on scene. Whew.

Anyway! Hmmm, did anything interesting happen today? YES. I was at the library talking with Penny (the librarian) asking how she liked the following two chapters of TRC I’d printed out for her. She told me she really enjoyed it. Then I walked over to the paperback section and browsed through the books. Picked up a Harlequin-esque novel, thought again, and put it away, sticking to my resolve to branch out of the no-brainer romance department. Then Hamza and his friend came up to me. To my surprise, he tells how much he enjoyed reading TRC (the one I posted in Authonomy), and I was just like…Hold on, you’re a guy, and you enjoyed my romance story? I thought TRC would only be read by the female population, but the fact that it can also be enjoyed by the opposite gender, was so encouraging to me. If you read this entry someday, Hamza, thanks so much for all your compliments! It gave me more confidence in TRC. I can’t wait to get this published so I can give you a copy. That way you don’t have to hurt your eyes by reading the chapters on the screen! 

Now, let me try to talk (write?) about something other than my own story (seriously, I’m sorry, but writing is all I think about). Oh, I know, I’m going to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) tomorrow!!!!!!….Again!!!!! It’s for history class and we’ll be going to a lab to do…something…related to the Industrial Revolution. 

Oh, and today, I went on a schoo trip to the movie theatres. We watched a movie called “War Child.” It was great. Go watch it. You guys should spare 5 minutes of your time and call 1800-436-6243 (GENOCID) and tell them you want Canada to help stop the genocide going on in Darfur. Ok? Good.