What is the best day an AUTHOR could EVER have?


Seeing your book for the very first time in bookstores. For Mandy Hubbard, her day “started at 8:30,” with her “looking up all the B&N’s in the area and squealing…when [she] discovered the inventory status had changed to “In stock” at nearly all of them.” She visited these bookstores and here’s a few pictures she took *

* I have been given permission by the author to steal these pics off from her site.

I spy with my little eye, something that looks like this:



My question: How did the bookstore people (managers?) react when you went to them and said you were the author of Prada and Prejudice?

Mandy’s Answer: It varied! One girl was decidely unimpressed (and in fact, acted as if I’d inconvenienced her becuase she hadn’t yet unpacked the 5 copies of my book from the storage room…) and on the other hand, a couple of people immediately called managers who were SUPER nice and excited and they would sticker the books with “autographed copy” stickers and put them on tables or face-out displays. It was amazing to see the difference from one Barnes & Noble to the next! 


Read more about Mandy Hubbard’s adventure here.

You can find this book, published by a major publisher in NYC, at your local bookstore. Or if not (like in my case, Prada and Prejudice won’t be released until June 16. Disappointing, I know) just be patient or order it off Amazon.