Pre-Querying emotions: Butterflies in my tummy


I know, this is not the most professional way to start a post, but…OH MY GOD!!!

I am so exhilarated right now I think I’m going to cry. Yesterday Sarah Maas emailed me back the critique of my revised synopsis. She managed to compress the two pages into one page, as it should be. Then she also discussed my synopsis over with Alexander Shostak, who gave her input on how to improve the synopsis. Sarah afterwards sent me the revised, sparkling draft. I was, and am again, on the verge of tears when I think of how dedicated they are in helping me. I am so grateful to them and everyone else on Let the Words Flow. Now that I have my query and synopsis complete and polished I am so prepared for this Thursday! Alexandra advised me to send up to 10 queries rather than mass querying 40 letters. “That way” she writes “if by some horrible twist of fate you get more rejections that you do requests….you can re-examine your query/synopsis/first pages…” A very good advice indeed! My next blog entry will be titled “Post-Querying:______” and I’ll fill in the blank with whatever I was feeling.

Another event that topped my day was this: I printed out my manuscript and slipped it into an envelope for my sister to give to my former high school Writer’s Craft teacher. When the story of how my teacher reacted was accounted to me, I was all smiles, and nearly fainted from joy.

The rest of my life outside of writing, however, lacks lustre. I’m struggling with my two university courses that I had to take due to distribution requirements (*cough* sociology and geography *clears throat*). Struggling, as in, not studying, but being busy thinking about how I have so much to do to prepare for the exams. My European History and English Lit are going well though. I’m working on two massive essays right now for these classes. Though it is stressing at times I am still enjoying myself. To study, I go to Woodsworth college, where there is this narrow hall lined with desks where the lighting is dim with Second Cup nearby. I order random drinks (one day it was coffee, then Gingerbread latte, then London Fog, then Café Latte, and tomorrow it’s going to be hot Apples cider) and type away at my essay. Speaking of essays, I remember being scolded once by my history teacher when she was handing my paper back: “June, you were supposed to write an ACADEMIC report, not a NARRATIVE!” So yes, I must be academic, must repress my creativity and my tendency to ramble on with flowery sentences…

OH! One exciting event that will occur outside of my writing life is that I’ll be going to THE SOUND OF MUSIC musical this Friday! I am so hyped up right now.  Then the following Saturday I have no work because I booked the day off to study! I would much rather study than work.

The querying, the essays-going-well, the performance I am to attend—I haven’t been this happy in so long! I hope my happiness is contagious and will leap out of this page and affect you guys too!